In the spirit of looking ahead to the upcoming year, I wanted to take the time to announce the dates for the Off The Grid Readathon!

If you aren’t aware of what this is, this is a readathon that myself and fellow blogger (and bookish twin) Justine at I Should Read That have created! We did our first one in October of this year and have been so excited to continue! The theme of this readathon you ask?? Go “Off The Grid!”. So many times we set aside a block of time to read and we end up spending the vast majority of that time getting distracted by our phones and social media. So – the point of this is to spend 3 days where we set our phones and other distractions aside and JUST READ! It sounds easy…… but it’s more difficult than it seems! When you have 72 hours to read, and you’re actively trying to stay away from your phone, you realize just how often you distract yourself. We plan to do 4 readathon’s a year so that you can get some practise in and keep focused on those books!

What do you need to do to participate? Not much lol! This is a fluff-less readathon. There are no challenges, themes, buddy reads (although that might be a good idea!). Trust me when I say that staying away from your distractions will be challenge enough! We will be doing a Twitter chat at the end of each day so that we can talk about our progress though. Since there are people from many different time zones, there won’t be a specific time set aside for this as of yet.


JANUARY 11 – 13

APRIL 12 – 14

JULY 12 – 14

OCTOBER 11 – 13

Readathons will always begin at midnight on Friday and will end at 11:59 on Sunday. So that’s a full 72 hours to get your reading in! The times will be in your own time zone as there’s no reason to make this more complicated than it needs to be.

For more up to date information and updates, please be sure to follow us on Twitter as that’s the place where we update most frequently – @OffTheGridReads. For all the details of this readathon, feel free to check out the announcement post HERE. If you have any questions, contact us on twitter 🙂

Hope you will get the chance to join us in 2019 – we are sooooo excited for this to begin!

Until next time, happy reading!