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Top 5 Tuesday

Top 5 Villains more interesting than the hero

Thanks to Joe at¬†JW Martin - Storeys of Stories, this topic came to life! A few weeks back I asked for suggestions of future top 5 topics and this was one of them.... and it spoke to my dark and... Continue Reading →


Top 5 Books I read as an ARC!

I will admit that I haven't read a ton of ARC's in comparison to some. But I've been lucky enough to have chosen some that really suited my tastes! Some I anticipated would be 5 stars, and some were a... Continue Reading →

Top 5 Tuesday – August 2018 Topics!

We are slowly creeping into my favourite time of year! I love the weather in August, September and October. For some reason the air, the smells, the sounds - I love it all! And it's also the final month before... Continue Reading →

Top 5 books I’ve read because of blogs and YouTube

Social media and the internet is a wonderful thing when it comes to finding out about books. There are so many to choose from, and being able to hear others thoughts about them is INCREDIBLY helpful! They help you find... Continue Reading →

Top 5 books I want to reread

This post was perfect timing for me. Back in January I made the reading goal to reread the entire Harry Potter series. But here I was, in July, and I still hadn't read one! So this was a little motivation... Continue Reading →

Top 5 Character Driven Books

A character driven book can be described as a book where the characters self or growth takes precedence over the plot. The difference is that a plot driven book takes a character to a time/place, through actions, for an end... Continue Reading →

Top 5 Naked Hardcovers

For me, there's nothing better than taking the dust jacket off of a hardcover book and finding something underneath. Some shiny lettering, an embossed design, a picture - it feels like you're uncovering a buried treasure! Some of them are... Continue Reading →

Top 5 Summertime Reads!

It's time for summertime and beach reads! Sitting by the pool, out camping, at the beach - so many great places to read outdoors! I'm also a seasonal reader so I tend to read more easy going books. Contemporaries, adventurous... Continue Reading →

Top 5 Tuesday – July 2018 topics

July?! How? I know I say that every month but it doesn't seem possible that it's July already! But, here we are. I am SO excited for the topics this month! I tried to make this month a little something... Continue Reading →

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