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Top 5 Tuesday

Top 5 Covers – Green, Blue and Purple edition!

Happy Top 5 Tuesday everyone! This is part two of the colours of covers series! Last week we all talked about ourĀ favourite red, orange, and yellow coversĀ - so now it's time to talk about the rest of the rainbow! This... Continue Reading →


Top 5 Covers – Red, Orange, and Yellow edition!

Happy Top 5 Tuesday everyone! In the spirit of sunshine, we will be listing our favourite covers with red, orange and yellow! I found it really weird that when I was making this list, there was no red! There are... Continue Reading →

Top 5 Science Fiction

If you would have told me 10 years ago that my favourite genre would be science fiction, I straight up would have laughed in your face. Back then, science fiction wasn't even on my radar. But now, it's something I... Continue Reading →

Top 5 Tuesday – June Topics!

I originally planned on putting this up on Monday, but I learned a valuable life lesson this week - plans change. I made the topics a little light this month. I know that many people are dealing with the end... Continue Reading →

Top 5 Ending/Last lines

Ok, ok. I know that there are some people who refuse to know the last line before going into a book. BUT - I promise that there will be NO spoilers! And, I need to let you in on a... Continue Reading →

Top 5 Opening/First lines

Happy Top 5 Tuesday everyone! I am SO excited for this topic! For some reason, opening lines are a thing that can hook me. It can be simple, bold, brutal, vulgar, and so on. But if it's something unique, that... Continue Reading →

Top 5 books I would save from a fire!

Imagine this - your fire alarm goes off, smoke is in the air, and you have only a few seconds to save your books (don't worry, you saved your family and pets first!!)...... so which ones would you save?? My... Continue Reading →

Top 5 series I won’t be finishing!

More possible unpopular opinions..... apparently I'm a fan of torturing you all! This was a hard list for me to make. It's rare for me to DNF a book. I've probably only ever DNF'd 2 books in my life. Series... Continue Reading →

Top 5 Tuesday – May topics

May?! How? It doesn't feel like it's almost May because we've missed spring all together in southern Canada. We've had a couple half decent days, but it's mostly been cold and snowy. I'm so excited for may though! So many... Continue Reading →

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