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Book Hauls

February Book Haul!

Not gunna lie - there were a few "retail therapy" purchases made this month. I knew I didn't need books BUT they were pretty and made me smile. DON'T JUDGE ME! The books that I bought weren't impulse buys though.... Continue Reading →


January Book Haul!

Well..... it's another big one! Some of the books that I ordered using Christmas money/gift cards came in, followed by a few ARC's that I lost my mind over! February will be another big month as there are even more... Continue Reading →

BIG December book haul!

As the title suggests, the book haul from this month was huge! Between the books I received as gifts, and the books I bought for myself using gift cards, 16 new books found a new home on my bookshelves! There... Continue Reading →


November Book Haul

I'm so proud of myself!!! With Christmas coming I managed to calm my book buying down quite a bit and only picked up 2 books this month! Even better, I didn't pay full price for either of them! I had... Continue Reading →


October Book Haul

WALLET - **cries loudly** ME - What's wrong? WALLET - You abused me in September with all those new book releases. I just can't take it anymore! ME - But no! There are more books that I wanted to get in... Continue Reading →


September book haul – I’m out of control!

Ok, ok. In my defence there is 1 ARC, and 2 that were gifts. I had also preordered 3 and they were just released this month...... isn't convincing you that I don't have a problem is it? Well you love... Continue Reading →


August book haul!

There's still a few days left in August but I'm not planning on getting anything else this month so it's safe to post early. This haul may look big - but I spent a very minimal amount of money! I... Continue Reading →


It’s official – I’m giving up

Have you ever reached a point where you realize that the goal you set for yourself wasn't coming close to what you expected? That's where I'm at. I set a goal, with specific dates, and I've failed - TWICE!! So... Continue Reading →


ARC haul and I’m going to a book launch!

I was so excited about these books that I may have┬átotally cried! One of them I honestly don't know that my patience was strong enough to hold out until the end of September, and the other one holds a very... Continue Reading →


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