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It’s official – I’m giving up

Have you ever reached a point where you realize that the goal you set for yourself wasn't coming close to what you expected? That's where I'm at. I set a goal, with specific dates, and I've failed - TWICE!! So... Continue Reading →

ARC haul and I’m going to a book launch!

I was so excited about these books that I may have¬†totally cried! One of them I honestly don't know that my patience was strong enough to hold out until the end of September, and the other one holds a very... Continue Reading →

I am obsessed!!!

I had nothing planned for today and was FINALLY going to get to a book tag! I rarely get the chance to do them anymore. But then I went to the book store yesterday........ BIG MISTAKE!!! As I was walking... Continue Reading →

Shhhh! This book haul never happened!

The word of the day is - FAIL!¬† That's right, I placed myself on a book buying ban from the beginning of June until September, and I never even made it a whole month! I am weak and spineless. In... Continue Reading →

May – Big Birthday Book Haul!

In my defence, my book hauls aren't normally this large! But this month was my birthday so I got a bunch of gift cards and money and I put them all towards books - of course I did! I seriously... Continue Reading →

A very Sci-Fi book haul!

I started April off STRONG! Not a single ARC requested, and not a single book purchased! I could finally see empty spaces on my TBR shelves and had to rearrange a few of them because of those empty spaces. I... Continue Reading →

Is this a dream? ACOWAR arrived early?!

My fangirl heart is literally exploding with joy right now!!! I got an email a few days ago telling me that my preorder had shipped. Strange I thought. This must be a mistake. Release date is May 2 so why... Continue Reading →

March book haul

I didn't expect to get this many books this month! I'm sure all of us say that every month - so you understand and I don't need to feel bad! I ended up getting 8 in total but I only... Continue Reading →

Exciting bookish week!

This week has been very exciting for me when it comes to books. This is going to be a really random post with a bunch of different snippets of info and news that I just couldn't wait to share! First... Continue Reading →

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