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First Impression Friday

First Impression Friday #12

Why does it feel so long since I've done this post? I've read 3 books since my last post, but one of those was a reread, so I won't include my thoughts on that. I'm so close to finishing another,... Continue Reading →


First Impression Friday #11 (but on a Saturday)

I'm not delusional. I realize that this is Saturday. But since I had a blog tour date set for Friday, I decided to post it on a Saturday. There was no way I was going to miss this post! Especially... Continue Reading →

First Impression Friday #10

This weeks First Impression Friday is going to be a little different. I've read a total of four books since my last instalment in this meme, but two of those were the continuation of a series that I had started... Continue Reading →

First Impression Friday #9

Over the last few weeks my reading has slowed considerably. The weather has been amazing and I've been enjoying a lot of time with family...... oh, and then there's work which is sucking my soul dry lol! But it's in... Continue Reading →

First Impression Friday #8

Yippee!! It's Fri-yay! This doesn't mean it's the weekend for me though. Running 2 businesses while simultaneously entertaining my 2 children means that I never get a day off. But Friday means my favourite blog post - FIRST IMPRESSION FRIDAY!... Continue Reading →

First Impression Friday #7

YAY!! It's First Impression Friday time!!! Thanks so much to Joe from JW Martin - Storeys of Stories for creating such an amazing meme!! I look forward to this post SO much! Be sure to check him out!!! He does this on... Continue Reading →

First Impression Friday #6

The one good thing about taking a week off from the blog? It didn't take so long for the next first Impression Friday! If you haven't seen this meme before, it was created by Joe over at JW Martin -... Continue Reading →

First Impression Friday #5

Woo hoo! It's First Impression Friday time! I love this meme so much that I almost gave in and posted one last week. I told myself that I would limit it to bi-weekly, but I really miss doing this on... Continue Reading →

First Impression Friday #4

It's finally Friday! Every other Friday is the day that I reserve to participate in the genius meme that fellow blogger Joe at JW Martin - Storeys of Stories created. Honestly, I look forward to this day! If you like this post,... Continue Reading →

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