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Bullet Journal

Bullet Journal – spring update

The bullet journal is back by popular demand! But this update might not be as interesting as you hoped it would be lol. I have found something that is like a rare and sparkly unicorn - I have found "planner... Continue Reading →


Updated bullet journal!

New year = new bullet journal. I only started my other one back in October and I still had a lot of space left, but I chose to start a new one for a few reasons. First off, I wanted... Continue Reading →

Bullet journal – End/beginning year set up!

I've had quite a few people say that they were waiting until the beginning of a new year to start their journals. I'm trying to get this one out a little bit early so that anyone considering starting fresh in... Continue Reading →

Bookish Bullet Journal – November & December

It's been a full month since I started the new and improved bullet journal and holy crap! What a life changer! Combining bookish/blogging things along with my daily life has made me an actual real productive person! I find that... Continue Reading →

Bookish bullet journal – October update!

As soon as I mentioned my bookish bullet journal was making a come back I had a lot of comments and personal messages asking questions. I wasn't really planning on making this a thing, but so many people seemed interested... Continue Reading →

My Bookish Bullet Journal

Last week I made a post about tracking your reading progress that included a couple quick pictures of my bookish bullet journal. I got so many comments and messages about it throughout all my platforms that I decided to move... Continue Reading →

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