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Weekly wrap up

Weekly Wrap Up – March 12 – 18

WOW!!! What a week! I read a lot, I liked the books I read, and I hauled a few ARC's that I'm SOOOO excited for! I feel like I've found my groove dealing with the balance of work, reading, cleaning... Continue Reading →


Weekly Wrap Up – Mar 5 – 11

I'm back! Well almost. I'm feeling about 80% normal at this point. I'm still tired and recovering from the flu, and my life is still busy so I'm struggling with the balance of it all, but I'm starting to feel... Continue Reading →

Weekly Wrap Up – Feb 26 – Mar 4

I'm going to tell you something I would rarely say - I'm quite proud of myself! The week didn't start off that great. I was verging on falling down a depression hole. It had its claws on me and was... Continue Reading →


Weekly Wrap Up – Feb 12 – 25

The dates aren't wrong - this is a multiple week wrap up...... as you've probably seen, the last few weeks haven't been the best for me. In fact, these have been the worst weeks  I've had in years. The business... Continue Reading →


Weekly wrap up – Feb 5 – 11

All I have to say is that I hope your week was better than mine!! It's not that it was awful (it could have been worse), but it wasn't great either. We are preparing for 5 days in Toronto for... Continue Reading →


Weekly Wrap Up – Jan 29 – Feb 4

Whelp - I knew February was going to kick my butt so I should have been prepared. But I'm struggling. I can multitask better than the average bear but this is insanity - and it's only just started! In a... Continue Reading →


Weekly Wrap Up – Jan 22 – 28

The word of the week today is productive! I was super busy with all things bookish and I managed to accomplish way more than expected! The thing is, everything was so positive and exciting so none of it felt overwhelming.... Continue Reading →


Weekly Wrap Up – January 15 – 21

I'm in yet another state of shock. This was one of the busiest, most chaotic, and insanely frantic weeks I've had in a while. I felt like a chicken with it's head cut off at ALL times. I was being... Continue Reading →


Weekly Wrap Up – Jan 8 – 14

After last weeks insane bout of reading, things have calmed down to my usual pace. It doesn't help that life got in the way quite a bit - between work, snow days, dentist appointments for the kids - I've been... Continue Reading →


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