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Weekly wrap up

Weekly Wrap Up – August 13 – 19

I feel like this was one of the longest weeks of the year. I looked back to the posts at the beginning of this week and it feels like I wrote them a month ago! I was very productive in... Continue Reading →

Weekly wrap up – August 6 – 12

The weekend of chaos is ALMOST over! I'm so tired I feel like I need to sleep for 24 hours. When I am awake I sit and stare at things for a while before I realize what I'm doing. And... Continue Reading →

Weekly Wrap Up – July 30 – August 5

This week was a difficult one and I'm actually surprised I managed to finish a book. Things were so busy I didn't touch a book for almost 5 whole days! I wanted to read so badly but I was just... Continue Reading →

Weekly Wrap Up – July 16 – 22

Well........ that week was fun....... I'm exhausted! I've been dealing with a pinched nerve in my neck which I'm convinced is trying to kill me slowly! The headaches are so intense I feel ill, and the pain from my neck... Continue Reading →

Weekly wrap up – July 9 – 15

This was probably my most difficult reading week all year! It was the most productive week for work, and also the most fun with the kids, but reading almost never happened! I technically haven't finished the book this week but... Continue Reading →

Weekly Wrap up – July 2 – 8

First full week of the kids home from summer vacation.... and we all survived! That's a good start, right? It was stressful that for sure! But luckily they had people to play with and my parents came over and took... Continue Reading →

Weekly Wrap up – June 18 – 24

Where did this week go? Seriously! I thought it was still the beginning of the month but really it was June 20th already - I felt like an idiot that I didn't know what day it was! Work has been... Continue Reading →

Weekly Wrap Up – June 11 – 17

After the whirl wind of last week it was kind of nice to step back and take a breath! I was able to finally calm down, schedule some posts, read a few books, and prep for our trip to Toronto.... Continue Reading →

Weekly Wrap Up – June 4 – 10

This week was the most exciting book week I think I've ever had! I've had some serious stresses in my personal life so this happiness couldn't have come at a better time! Let's jump right into it - there's a... Continue Reading →

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