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Adult Fiction

Calendar Girl – Series Thoughts!

CALENDAR GIRL SERIES (JANUARY - DECEMBER) Written by Audrey Carlan Published by Waterhouse Press My star rating: 5 stars THE SYNOPSIS: It’s really simple. I needed money. A lot of money. One million dollars to be exact. The amount didn’t... Continue Reading →


At The Stroke of Midnight

AT THE STROKE OF MIDNIGHT Written by Tara Sivec Published by Swerve, February 27, 2018 My star rating: 5 stars THE SYNOPSIS: Once upon a time Cynthia was the perfect housewife. Between being the President of the PTA and keeping... Continue Reading →

The Hearts Invisible Furies

THE HEARTS INVISIBLE FURIES Written by John Boyne Published by Anchor Canada, March 6, 2018 My star rating: 500000000 stars! THE SYNOPSIS: Cyril Avery is not a real Avery--or at least that's what his adoptive parents tell him. And he... Continue Reading →

Six Stories

SIX STORIES Written by Matt Wesolowski Published by Orenda Books, June 1, 2017 My star rating: 2.5 stars THE SYNOPSIS: 1997. Scarclaw Fell. The body of teenager Tom Jeffries is found at an Outward Bound center. Verdict? Misadventure. But not... Continue Reading →

Only Human

ONLY HUMAN by Sylvain Neuvel Published by Del Rey Books, May 1, 2018 My star rating: 3.5 stars THE SYNOPSIS: In her childhood, Rose Franklin accidentally discovered a giant metal hand buried beneath the ground outside Deadwood, South Dakota. As... Continue Reading →

That Time I Loved You

THAT TIME I LOVED YOU Written by Carrianne Leung Published by Harper Collins, March 27, 2018 My star rating: 3.5 stars THE SYNOPSIS: Tensions that have lurked beneath the surface of a shiny new subdivision rise up, in new fiction... Continue Reading →

Everything I Never Told You

EVERYTHING I NEVER TOLD YOU Written by Celeste Ng Published by Penguin, June 26, 2014 My star rating: 2.75 stars THE SYNOPSIS: So begins this exquisite novel about a Chinese American family living in 1970s small-town Ohio. Lydia is the... Continue Reading →


HORRORSTOR Written by Grady Hendrix Published by Quirk books, September 23, 2014 My star rating: 3.75 stars THE SYNOPSIS: Something strange is happening at the Orsk furniture superstore in Cleveland. Every morning, employees arrive to find broken Kjerring wardrobes, shattered... Continue Reading →

Waking Gods

WAKING GODS Written by Sylvain Neuvel Published by Del Rey, April 4, 2017 My star rating: 5 stars THE SYNOPSIS: As a child, Rose Franklin made an astonishing discovery: a giant metallic hand, buried deep within the earth. As an... Continue Reading →

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