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Blogger Spotlight #6

I'm back! After a VERY busy weekend that felt like it literally sucked every last drop of my energy, I'm attempting to get back into the blogging routine. I didn't expect it to be this hard! I'm absolutely exhausted but... Continue Reading →

It’s official – I’m giving up

Have you ever reached a point where you realize that the goal you set for yourself wasn't coming close to what you expected? That's where I'm at. I set a goal, with specific dates, and I've failed - TWICE!! So... Continue Reading →

Too much pressure??

This may be a somewhat controversial topic. And before I go into my thoughts I need to make a few things clear. I am in no way attacking/demeaning authors or their work. These are my own personal thoughts and opinions... Continue Reading →

The Would You Rather Book Tag

My plan was to stay away from tags and awards for a while...... that was until I was tagged in this original tag created by Sarah, creative mind behind the blog Between The Pages. My first thought was "You are killing... Continue Reading →

Proud Mom Moment!

It's rare for me to post more than once a day, but this has been a week of proud mommy moments in reading! Earlier this week my 11 year old daughter came home and asked if she could have her... Continue Reading →

WordPress problems! – problem solved!

I had a post planned for today about summertime books and maybe even a new meme! I was so excited to announce it and ask for your opinions. I've been experiencing a lot of frustrations in my personal life over the last... Continue Reading →

The reread has begun!

I've been anticipating the release of Sarah J Maas's A Court of Wings and Ruin for what seems like a lifetime! I know I'm not alone in my impatience either! But the day is almost here - May 2nd! So... Continue Reading →

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