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Weekly Wrap Up – August 13 – 19

I feel like this was one of the longest weeks of the year. I looked back to the posts at the beginning of this week and it feels like I wrote them a month ago! I was very productive in... Continue Reading →

A look at my ARC shelf!

This weekend is going to be busy. In fact, from now until the kids go back to school in September, my life will be very hectic. We have a You Tube personality coming to stay with us this week (no,... Continue Reading →

Weekly wrap up – August 6 – 12

The weekend of chaos is ALMOST over! I'm so tired I feel like I need to sleep for 24 hours. When I am awake I sit and stare at things for a while before I realize what I'm doing. And... Continue Reading →

Weekly Wrap Up – July 30 – August 5

This week was a difficult one and I'm actually surprised I managed to finish a book. Things were so busy I didn't touch a book for almost 5 whole days! I wanted to read so badly but I was just... Continue Reading →

Awesome August TBR!

Here's where I suck it up and take the long lonely walk of shame. I'm admitting defeat twice within 7 days. This time, it has to do with my TBR Thursday feature. I loved that feature but it posed two... Continue Reading →

July Wrap Up

I was doing some blog hopping yesterday and saw a bunch of monthly wrap up posts. I thought it was strange that so many people were posting their wrap up's so early.... until I looked at the calendar on my... Continue Reading →

It’s official – I’m giving up

Have you ever reached a point where you realize that the goal you set for yourself wasn't coming close to what you expected? That's where I'm at. I set a goal, with specific dates, and I've failed - TWICE!! So... Continue Reading →

Weekly Wrap Up – July 16 – 22

Well........ that week was fun....... I'm exhausted! I've been dealing with a pinched nerve in my neck which I'm convinced is trying to kill me slowly! The headaches are so intense I feel ill, and the pain from my neck... Continue Reading →

Book Tube A Thon TBR

I know I said I wasn't going to post on Saturdays but I wanted to get this up before the Read-A-Thon starts! I don't participate in many read-a-thon's, but this is one that I at least attempt every year. I... Continue Reading →

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