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I’m getting real – My Cancer Story and sometimes anxiety wins

This is a totally unrelated post. But I'm struggling. HARD. The last week or so has not been easy. I will understand if no one reads this post. I'm kind of writing it as a way to deal with and... Continue Reading →


Hard Topics – yes, you’re uncomfortable, but they’re still important!

This post is a discussion but at the same time its not. It's more of a post where I've got some strong bottled up feelings that I've decided to put out into the world. Over the last few weeks I've... Continue Reading →

Reading Motivation – tips to keep going!

Hello everyone and happy Wednesday! Today is a little chaotic and I won't be around the comments section much, but it's the chaos that inspired todays post. In February you may have heard me complain a few (million) times about... Continue Reading →

Discussion – Is hype help or harm?

IS HYPE HELP OR HARM? This is a question that I've been considering for many years but keep going back and forth with my answer. I don't know that I will ever say definitively yes or no on either side,... Continue Reading →

Discussion – do you need to apologize for not liking a book?

After reviewing all of the books I read in 2017, I realized that I was doing something compulsively. And that is, apologizing for not liking books. When I started looking ahead to 2018 and considering what I wanted from this... Continue Reading →

Do you read reviews before you buy a book?

I recently had a conversation with someone about how we always read reviews before we buy a book. I wasn't always like this but, over the years, I found that looking into books further increased my chances of picking up... Continue Reading →

Book buying habits – discussion

I saw a post a week or two ago by fellow blogger Lacy Literacy  where she talked about How she's changed as a reader since joining the online book community. She made so many great points that I'm sure we ALL... Continue Reading →

Guest post – What do we owe authors?

I've only done a few guests posts on the blog and it's been long overdue for another one! I was talking with Joe at J.W. Martin (Storeys of Stories) over the last few weeks and he very quickly said he had a... Continue Reading →

You get an ARC – but do you buy a finished copy?

As bloggers, I'm going to be honest that our most prized possessions are physical ARC's. They might not be that important to some but, for me anyways, these books mean so much. They're a symbol of my hard work, they're... Continue Reading →

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