Chamber of Secrets Reread – Spoiler Discussion!

Gah! The decision to reread the Harry Potter series was a hard one. I’ve got so many ARC’s, backlogged books, and even a manuscript to read – and here I am reading something I’ve already read. But this reread couldn’t have come at a better time. My life has been SO busy lately and these books have been food for my soul.

The second book in the series has always been my least favourite. I can’t even pinpoint why! In comparison to the rest of the books in the series, the tone in this one always felt a little different. It was kind of necessary though. We are moving past the introductions and into the darker stories that are about to come. This reread pointed out a few things that I had forgotten and some things that I really loved!

Weasley Vs. Malfoy
First of all – Arthur Weasley attacking Lucious Malfoy! When they’re in Flourish and Blotts buying their books for the upcoming school year, Lucious Malfoy throws some insults trying to act like a better wizard. Arthur starts off taking the high road and ignore’s him. But then Arthur gives up and attacks. I had such a big smile on my face! I know that fighting back isn’t always the answer, but I still wished he would have taken Malfoy down a peg – especially in front of his slimy son!

Lockhart makes my skin crawl!!!!!
When I think of all the villains in the Harry Potter series, I usually think of Voldemort and Umbridge. But I totally forgot just how much I hate Lockhart!!! He’s such a pompous ass!! Every time he opened his mouth I would immediately roll my eyes. And the Valentines Day scene….. I vomited in my mouth a little.

Death Day Party
This scene isn’t a long one, but it’s still one that I LOVE! The idea of this death day party and the visuals that came from it was probably my favourite scene of the whole book. Nearly Headless Nick is having a Death Day Party to celebrate the anniversary of his death and he invites Harry, Ron and Hermoine. Being that they’re the only living being to attend, it’s not the most comfortable experience for them. There’s a table of food even though they’re ghosts and can’t eat. But all the food was rotten…… maybe the smell reminds them more of food?? I don’t know! And the decorations and atmosphere in the room….. I love it so much! I wish this scene was in the movie!

Dick Dursley’s
Yeah, I said it. The Dursley’s are dicks. For Christmas they sent Harry a toothpick….. A TOOTHPICK! Why?? It makes me want to scream! Old socks as a “gift” was bad enough, but a toothpick? Not only did he get that as a gift, but at the same time they also requested that Harry stay at Hogwarts for the summer too…….. I always wondered why in the world they decided to care for Harry in the first place if they loathe him so much?

More spells!
The tidbits of spells we get throughout this series is like a private gold mine. I feel like every time a new spell is mentioned it’s like finding a golden easter egg. So many different things that wizards and witches can do!

untitled design

I think that I enjoyed this book a lot more than when I read it a few years ago. But, honestly, at this point, i’m totally biased! I also find it funny that all of the things that weren’t mentioned in the movie were my favourite parts. A sign I watch the movies far more than any woman in her 30’s should? I think so. But that’s my secret. Don’t tell anyone.

Until next time, happy reading!

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  1. suzan khoja says:

    Great review. Many of them are my favourite parts too. I just thought that if they sent him old socks I don’t think we would read more about Dursleys because we like it or not, Harry was living and being treated like an elf. Btw loved your blog. Thank you for the great post.

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    1. Omg why did I never think of Harry basically being the Dursley’s house elf?!?!? That is the most mind blowing statement ever!

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      1. suzan khoja says:

        Thank you. It’s basically because in the shine of all the other things we often forget the way he was treated. Waiting for more blogs!! 🙂✌


  2. I don’t think I remembered that Arthur attacks Malfoy!! I definitely need to read this again soon!! 💕

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  3. They really made the Dursley’s look not as bad in the movies. I’m kind of hating on that. (Currently rereading Harry Potter as well!) I just wish they would have made them seem as mean and rude as they are in the books.

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    1. Exactly! I mean, they were awful people in the movies – but nowhere near as terrible as they are in the books! I feel my blood pressure rising every time I read anything about them!

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  4. jillianthebookbutterfly says:

    That is one question that’s never answered: why the Dursleys took Harry in. I always wondered if it was somehow connected to the Howler Aunt Petunia received in Book 5. From what I can remember, we never find out who that Howler came from, so I’m operating under the assumption the Dursleys were bond by their own Unbreakable Vow to take care of Harry.

    I do admit, I appreciate how the movies attempted to humanize the Dursleys. They were still mean, but maybe they honestly believed that they could get rid of the magic inside Harry, that they were saving him from being killed like his parents. Of course, they could have been a lot nicer about it, also.

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    1. I always wondered that too! I remember that she got a howler and she obviously felt pressured to keep him. But still, someone yelling at her wouldn’t be enough to sway her to keep him. She doesn’t seem to be the type to give a damn!

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      1. jillianthebookbutterfly says:

        Unless the person threatened to hurt Dudley.


  5. S.E. White says:

    This is one of my favorite books from the series because the world building keeps ramping up and there are more funny parts than in later books when things start getting really dark. SO many seeds being planted for later, too. The Whomping Willow just kind of shows up and there’s no hint of how important it’s going to continue to be! Sneaky JK.

    I always thought the rotten food at the Death Day party was rotten because it’s “dead” just like the ghosts are and the more dead it is, the more chance they have of actually tasting it? Or tasting the…dead fumes of it? I dunno! LOL

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    1. Omg it’s so funny you say that because I thought of “dead food fumes” when I read that chapter!! 😂

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  6. @k_lpoetry says:

    I agree, this book has never been one of my favourites, although I love the film. It’s pure escapism. I can only imagine the Dursleys must have been afraid of the repercussions from the wizards or the family ties between Petunia and her deceased sister were too strong to not take Harry in. Considering how appallingly she and Vernon treated Harry they ought to have not bothered!


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