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The Liebster Award

Long time no tag/award! I honestly can't remember the last time I managed to fit one of these into the blog. I was very honoured to be nominated for this, as well as I really liked the questions, so I... Continue Reading →


If You Like This Then….. #11

Hello and happy Thursday! I'm back with another recommendation post - and possibly the most exciting to date....... in a weird way lol. I was lucky enough to get an ARC of The Hazel Wood a few months back and... Continue Reading →

Reading Motivation – tips to keep going!

Hello everyone and happy Wednesday! Today is a little chaotic and I won't be around the comments section much, but it's the chaos that inspired todays post. In February you may have heard me complain a few (million) times about... Continue Reading →


Top 5 Bookish Pet Peeves!

We book worms are very particular when it comes to our reading lives - it's kind of our passion. And there are certain things that bother us or throw us out of rhythm, causing us to cringe and want to... Continue Reading →


Taking another break – SO sick

I knew this was going to happen. I pushed myself too hard for the last month getting ready for the show. 12-18 hour days of non stop work. Then the show itself was utterly exhausting!!! I always push myself too... Continue Reading →


Anticipated Releases – Mar & Apr 2018!

So far I have to say that March is my favourite month of the year!! I'll probably say that every time a book that I'm super excited for is coming but, whatever! I haven't seen too much as far as... Continue Reading →


Life Update – I’ll be back!

It's been decided - my life is too chaotic right now! BUT I WONT BE GONE LONG!!! Just a few days. My husband and I own and operate a small manufacturing company related to the fishing industry. In the spring,... Continue Reading →


Discussion – Is hype help or harm?

IS HYPE HELP OR HARM? This is a question that I've been considering for many years but keep going back and forth with my answer. I don't know that I will ever say definitively yes or no on either side,... Continue Reading →


Beat The Backlist Challenge!

One of my biggest goals for 2018, aside from reading 100 books, is to finally start knocking back my physical books that are sitting on my shelves - AKA the backlist! These are books that I've had either for years... Continue Reading →


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