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Random Bookish Thoughts

Blogger Spotlight #1

I'm about to come up on my 6 month mark with blogging in a couple of weeks! This has been such a great adventure. When I started this blog I wanted to talk about books - that was really my... Continue Reading →

Lets talk – Unique character names

If you're a fantasy lover like I am, unique character names are just a part of life. Yes, different names come up in other genres, but fantasy seems to be where the most interesting and impossible to pronounce names can... Continue Reading →

A VERY busy weekend!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful weekend! Mine was SOO busy but so much fun! Because my husband and I own two business (and run it ourselves with no employees), we rarely ever take the chance to get away.... Continue Reading →

Favourite Fathers in books!

HAPPY FATHERS DAY WEEKEND!! I hope that you're all enjoying your weekend! I'm unfortunately not spending the weekend with my dad but we plan to make up for it later on this week. BUT! I am spending the weekend in... Continue Reading →

Hello Monday!

Happy Monday everyone! This weekend was great! Beautiful weather, good food, and time spent outside with the family. Our pool is 80 degrees now - which is still about 10 degrees colder than I like (I'm sad I know!) but... Continue Reading →

Borrowing VS Purchasing – discussion

It's been almost two weeks since my last discussion post so I figured it was time! This is one that I've had on the back burner for quite some time. It's something that's brought up quite often and evokes quite... Continue Reading →

Too much pressure??

This may be a somewhat controversial topic. And before I go into my thoughts I need to make a few things clear. I am in no way attacking/demeaning authors or their work. These are my own personal thoughts and opinions... Continue Reading →

Reading challenges – motivation or intimidation??

I wasn't really aware of reading challenges until a few years ago. But after I participated in my first readathon, I started seeing them EVERYWHERE! There were readathons, book bingo's, challenges and so much more! And within each one of... Continue Reading →

Summertime Reading List ~ and new blog feature announcement!

The warm weather is finally here!! Last week here in Southern Ontario we reached temps in the high 80's and we even opened our pool! Unfortunately, during a major wind storm, our neighbours dead tree punctured holes in our pool... Continue Reading →

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