My name is Shanah, otherwise known as Bionic Book worm (after my roller derby name of course!) I live in SW Ontario Canada, have two kids, a wonderful husband, an adorable dog, and two businesses – basically I’m very busy!! Reading is my one and only favourite escape. I’ve been an avid reader my whole life who’s love of reading came from my mom, who always had shelves full of books.

I got into a giant reading slump when I had a hard time figuring out which genre I was technically in. It wasn’t until I started to research books, and really sat down to figure out what I loved about books and what I wanted from them that I realized that I don’t fit into a category. No one should restrict what they read based on an age group or topic. I started watching You Tube videos and following blogs for recommendations and it opened a whole new bookish world for me.

I think that book reviews and research are the most important thing to a reader. If you find people with similar taste in books, their opinions could seriously help you find your next favourite read!

So here I am, with my reads and thoughts, hoping that I can help at least one person find a book they love that they may not have found otherwise. I appreciate all comments and thoughts as they always help build my bookish world.


REVIEW POLICY (Currently NOT accepting any requests for review)

Prior to sending me an email, please refer to my review policy below:

I, Shanah McCready, am the sole author and owner of The Bionic Book Worm Blog and do not receive any form of compensation or payment in lieu of reviews. I run my blog on my own free time only.

When reviewing a book, I give my honest opinion. I do not, under any circumstances, bash writers, authors, or their work. I only provide my honest feelings and any relevant information that will help you decide if a book may be something you’re interested in. I do NOT like writing negative reviews, but as you all know, a book sometimes just doesn’t suit me personally. Those negative opinions are my own feelings and not a reflection of the authors work. I don’t believe that there are any bad books!

Currently I am only accepting physical books (unless I have worked with you in the past and you have sent me an ebook. This also goes for independently published works/companies).

When emailing me about a book please include the following information to help expedite the process:

  • A summary of the book
  • Release date
  • Publishing information
  • Any relevant links (ie. Goodreads link, author website, etc.)
  • When you would like the review published (optional/if it is an ARC)

I do NOT accept, under any circumstances:

  • PDF’s
  • Audiobooks
  • Self-published books
  • Queries for cover reveals or features on my blog that do not accompany a review
  • Queries for interviews (I don’t believe in doing an interview with someone unless I have read their written work beforehand)

As I am a full time mom/wife and run two businesses, there is no guarantee that I can read/review your book. However, please be patient with me. I tend to put ARC’s at the top of my priority list, and then slowly read through published works.

Thank you for taking the time to review my policy!

Please note: Please make sure you are following all of my guidelines above to ensure that I can write back providing you with confirmation and acceptance of a review.