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I'm a wife and mom of two living in Canada and an avid reader. My life is all about books! All the people you meet, the places you go, and the things you get to do while inside the world of a book are endless

Weekly Wrap Up – Dec 10 – 16

8 days left until Christmas!!! Wow! This month has absolutely flown by! I was so stressed out at the beginning of the month. Gifts to buy, appointments to attend, a house to clean.... always something. But now that I've got... Continue Reading →


First Impression Friday #18

Sometimes it feels like it takes months for this post to come up. And then, there are times like this, where it feels like I wrote the last one yesterday! The holiday season seems to be putting time on fast... Continue Reading →

The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry

THE STORIED LIFE OF A.J. FIKRY Written by Gabrielle Zevin Published by Penguin Canada, April 1, 2014 My star rating: 3 stars THE SYNOPSIS:           A.J. Fikry's life is not at all what he expected it... Continue Reading →

Bookish Naughty or Nice Tag!

Eek! A Christmas themed book tag! I was so excited when I was tagged by Bookish Kimberly and I knew that I had to do this immediately! Her answers were so much fun to read and made me realize that I wasn't... Continue Reading →

Top 5 Books I Didn’t Get To In 2018!

We've all said it before - "too many books, too little time." And god is this true! We have TBR piles that threaten to topple over and crush us under their weight, yet we still keep adding to them! We... Continue Reading →

My True Love Gave To Me

MY TRUE LOVE GAVE TO ME A collection of short stories by various authors Published by St. Martin's Griffin, October 14, 2014 My star rating: 3 stars (see each story for their own rating) THE SYNOPSIS:        ... Continue Reading →

Weekly Wrap Up – Dec 2 – 9

Have you ever had one of those weeks where you felt like you didn't read at all but it turned out you finished 2 books?? That's me this week! For some reason I feel like I accomplished nothing this week... Continue Reading →

The 5 W’s book tag!

So this week has been a struggle - once again. It was supposed to be a calm and relaxing week, but instead, I feel like I've been hanging on by a thread trying to keep things organized and getting things... Continue Reading →

If you like this then….. #18

It's been a while since my last recommendation post, and one of them was a recent read that I haven't really heard too many people talk about - so I figured it was time! These two books have very similar... Continue Reading →

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