Less than a week until Christmas!!! It’s almost here!! It hasn’t felt like Christmas here because of the lack of snow, but my kids excitement is definitely bringing in the Christmas spirit! My kids always have a million ideas of things they want, but when it comes to me, literally the only thing that I could think of was books! Well, that and plane tickets to somewhere (anywhere!) outside of Canada…… somehow I don’t think that’s happening! LOL! But here are the top 5 books on my Christmas wish list!

REMINDER – top 5 Tuesday is taking a small hiatus until January 8th. The topics for January will be released during the first week of the month 🙂

Children of time

CHILDREN OF TIME by Adrian Tchaikovsky

My readathon co-host Justine has an AMAZING YouTube channel! She recently posted a video about the best books of 2018 (Visit her YouTube channel here!) and it was a fantastic source of a bunch of fantasy and science fiction that I NEED to read! Our tastes are so similar (she’s basically my bookish twin!) so I know that I’m going to love this! However there are spiders….. this book may end up scaring the shit out of me lol! Either way, I’m excited!

City of Stairs

CITY OF STAIRS by Robert Jackson Bennett

Yet another book that I got from Justine’s video is City of Stairs. If you want to get technical, she mentioned the entire trilogy for this book – this is just the first. I remembered seeing this one in the summer time but it had somehow fallen off my radar. I remembered the cover but not the title. I’m glad that she mentioned it and it’s now on my wish list!

SKYWARD and THE WAY OF KINGS by Brandon Sanderson

These two books aren’t related at all, but since they’re both by the same author, I’m putting them together. Skyward (also mentioned in Justine’s video) is a science fiction YA release and it sounds absolutely amazing! He’s more of a fantasy author so the fact that this is a science fiction is quite intriguing. Then there’s also The Way of Kings, which is another adult science fiction series. Justine (yes, I’m mentioning her again for like the 100th time!) forced me to read Mistborn this year and I absolutely fell in LOVE with Brandon Sanderson! His writing, his magic systems, his characters, and worlds – they’re all so captivating! I really want to make it a 2019 goal to read all the Brandon Sanderson…. well I can try anyway lol! His books are HUGE!


ARCHENEMIES by Marissa Meyer

Marissa Meyer’s books are always a fantastic time. The first book in this series (Renegades) was something so unique! There was this amazing balance between good and evil, and captured the grey area in-between. There were also superhero’s! Not your typical superhero’s either! I absolutely loved the first book and I’ve been wanting to get to this one SO badly but haven’t picked it up yet.

reaper at the gates


This book made my list last week as one of the books I didn’t get to in 2018. I read the first two books back to back and they were such a surprise! I was fully expecting to enjoy them, but I thought that they sounded average. There is NOTHING average about this series or the writing! It’s astounding! So there’s no reason for me to not have picked it up yet!!! I NEED to get to this one ASAP!

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Clearly my title for this post is wrong. It should have been called “The top 5 books I NEED in my life because Justine read them and said they’re good!” LOL!!! I have handed out my wish list to family and hope that I see a couple of these under the tree! What are you hoping to get for Christmas this year???

Until next time, happy reading!