Top 5 Tuesday is something I absolutely LOVE doing! I started doing this feature over on Books Amino before I even started this blog. It’s a way to go over the books I’ve read and loved and recommend them to other people in a very specific way. I also love reading other top 5/10 lists so I can get recommendations myself. I’m trying out something new though. I will be putting my topics up for everyone to see for the following few weeks. If you see a topic you’re interested in then you are more than welcome to participate! I’m also putting a graphic down below for you to use. If you do choose to participate I would really appreciate a link to my site. I love when other people use the same topic so there is a wide variety in everyone’s answers!

Top 5 Tuesday

April 18 – Top 5 Bookworm problems

April 25 – Top 5 Unique settings

May 2 – Top 5 Popular books I won’t be reading

May 9 – Top 5 Underrated books

May 16 – Top 10 series I love

May 23 – Top 5 Books that made me cry


Once my posts are published (and if I remember) I will be adding the links to my post so you can refer to them. I hope you can find a topic that you would be interested in doing!

Until next time, happy reading!