This one is kind of open to your perception. Obviously in fantasy books, almost everything is unique. Worlds can be filled with magic, colour, whimsy, and more. But some settings stick out more than others – especially if the book isn’t fantasy. Unique to me means something out of the norm. Something that has a special spark to it. The setting of Earth as we know it is general but if it’s set in a very specific place other than a town, city, or house, then it could be unique. Space to me is a general place but a very detailed specific planet or place can be unique. I think that this top 5 is all how a person perceives the setting of the book and how they build it in their mind. Regardless, here are my top 5!

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Top 5 Tuesday



READY PLAYER ONE by Ernest Cline

THE SETTING: Futuristic Earth in the year 2044

WHY I THINK IT’S UNIQUE: The setting of dystopian Earth itself in this book is unique but that’s not why it made my list. The dual setting of virtual reality is what I find so intriguing! The characters escape their bleak reality by visiting all these man made and computer generated places. There’s everything from schools, comfy basements, forests, castles, and pretty much anything you can think of. The author described each of them in such a way that I could see a vision of each in my mind. But he also made a point to explain that some looked and felt real, as if you were actually there in person. This virtual reality world was so engrossing that the characters acted as though they were inside the world instead of being on a destroyed Earth. It’s just amazing and terrifying that this may one day be our reality!

Life of Pi.jpg

LIFE OF PI by Yann Martel

THE SETTING: The Pacific Ocean

WHY I THINK IT’S UNIQUE: The entire book isn’t set in the ocean. There a bit in the beginning where he’s on land but, after the ship he was on sank, the majority of the story is him in the ocean. You wouldn’t think that so many pages could be written about a boy floating with nothing around him except water, but it works! This was a really strange book at times but it’s one that’s stayed with me for years!



THE SETTING: A monastery, a library, and a lost city

WHY I THINK IT’S UNIQUE: Where do I even begin?! The monastery for one had a feel of quiet, peace, tranquility, unmoving, still, and cold. Then the library – well if you read books then the setting of a library, especially one of this size and description, is always a crowd pleaser. But even more I found their travels to the lost city and the lost city itself so shockingly beautiful. It had a feel of folklore and when the main character Lazlo was seeing these places for himself that he’s heard and read stories of for the first time. There was such a sense of wonder and excitement, like dreams were being made. The city itself sounded beautiful and complex, but the floating island was the most intriguing. I felt that I could see it in the sky outside my window and knew exactly how it would look, shining blue, my house in the shadows. Laini Taylor’s writing is just so poetic and phenomenal!


DARK MATTER by Blake Crouch

THE SETTING: Present day Earth……. well sort of.

WHY I THINK IT’S UNIQUE: Present day Earth you say? I know that’s not unique in any way. If you haven’t read this book and don’t want to be spoiled even in the slightest – don’t read any further!! It’s not a major spoiler but I would rather every aspect be a surprise if you plan on reading this in the future. So yes it’s set in present day earth but when the main character is kidnapped it sets a chain of events where he finds himself in an alternate earth – a multiverse if you will. Apparently there are many different versions of earth, where each decision people have made have taken multiple turns. The possibilities of each version of earth/reality are endless. The way that each version of earth is explained is downright terrifying!!!



THE SETTING: Modern day London

WHY I THINK IT’S UNIQUE: Yes I realize that this is probably the most predictable answer but it’s a MUST! I love that it’s set in modern day London while it coexists with a parallel magical London that normal humans (Muggles) aren’t aware of. I love that not everyone has magic and only those with magic can see this world along side the regular world. And the magic school, so full of history and tradition, was so warm and comforting. I want to live in this magical world so badly!!


Those are my top 5 unique settings! I hope you enjoy. There are so many other worlds that could have made this list but these are the ones that really stuck with me. What worlds do you find unique? Have you done this topic? I would love to see your answers!

Until next time, happy reading!