I saw this post by Zuky @ Book Bum and it called to me! I’ve always been told that I have the strangest quirks and, finally, I realized that there are other people out there like me! None of these are book related. But they all promise to be weird! Let’s begin!

1 – No windows can be open!

Ever since I was a kid I can’t sleep if there is a window open in the house. I’ve watched too many slasher films in my life to know that open windows at night are an open invitation for the murderers to enter. So no!

2 – Yes the doors are locked, you’ve checked 3 times!

I think it’s normal for people to make sure doors are locked before they go to bed. But maybe not to check it three times! Every night I check, check, and check again. If I got under the covers before checking that third time I will lay there, eyes wide open, trying so hard to resist, before I finally shove off the covers and check the doors.

3 – No feet over the bed!

Once again, I credit this one to horror movies when I was a kid. I sleep with my feet stuck out from the covers as a way to keep myself cool. If my feet are overheating then so am I. BUT – the feet must be ON the bed – not over the edge. Because clearly monsters are under the bed………. yup, i’m apparently 4.

4 – Nothing under my nails!

I’ve got super long fingernails and always have. Because of that, nothing touches the skin underneath of them. So when there’s dirt or anything under them my skin just crawls! It’s just become habit to clean out from under them multiple times a day. I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty but I will clean them as soon as I can afterwards!

5 – STRAIGHT! Not crooked!

This is where my OCD shines through. If there is a piece of paper, book, etc, sitting on a table, I will always make sure that it’s edges are lined with the edge of the table. It can’t look crooked! This is the same with remotes, pictures on a wall – basically anything with lines!

6 – Hide your feet!

Zuky mentioned her thing with feet in a car and I laughed maniacally! I wasn’t alone! When I’m the passenger in a car I have to put my feet back as close to the seat as possible. I have an irrational fear that an accident will occur and something will chop off my feet! My dad is a firefighter and i’ve heard some horror stories about accidents. They almost always include legs and feet. I’m taking precautions people!!

7 – Chocolate bar hell?

I can NOT eat a chocolate bar like a normal person. EVER! For every one I eat I have a unique (and ridiculous) way of eating it. Here are a few examples: Peanut butter cups – I eat the outside round edge first then eat the middle peanut buttery part last. Caramilk – I eat the flat chocolate piece first leaving a heavenly cup of caramel. Twix – the cookie part goes first then I have a strip of caramel happiness. Snickers – the squishy bottom part is the first to go and last is the caramel and nut top. Yeah, I like caramel! Anyway, I eat them all so weird that I won’t eat a chocolate bar in the company of others.

8 – Circle!

Yet another weird eating thing, I am a circle eater. One food type first and then when that’s gone I will move on to the next. I never take a bite of one thing, then something else, then back to the first. Also, my food CAN NOT TOUCH! I may be in my 30’s but I actually do have many plates with dividers built in for messy meals…… they don’t have cartoon characters on the plate and are actually grown up dishes (did I just say that?!) and I don’t care who makes fun of me for it! LOL

9 – Seriously, what do you do with your hands??

One of the most awkward feelings in the world for me is not having something to do with my hands. I will get very agitated and irritated if my hands and arms are just hanging there for no reason or purpose. I always have to have my arms crossed, hands in pockets, or holding onto my phone just so that they aren’t hanging there.

10 – Ok fine, here’s a bookish habit!

I couldn’t resist getting one bookish habit in here. I can’t stop reading mid chapter. If I get distracted and have to stop, I will always go back and finish the chapter at least. I don’t know why I do this but it feels like I stopped something mid sentence or something. I know it’s incomplete so I have to at least finish the chapter.


So there’s my weird habits! By now you are backing away slowly with a petrified smile on your face, trying to decide that if you unfollow me if I will come and find you. I assure you that (aside from these weird things) I am a normal person. But then again, don’t crazy people in movies always assure you that they’re normal? Ok, stop listening to me.

Do you have any weird habits? I’m always interested in stuff like this. Then when other people start listing their weird things it reminds me that there are even more strange habits that I do that I don’t even realize!

Until next time, happy reading!