Have you ever reached a point where you realize that the goal you set for yourself wasn’t coming close to what you expected? That’s where I’m at. I set a goal, with specific dates, and I’ve failed – TWICE!! So I have to officially announce that, because of my inability to keep up with my own goals, I will be giving up on my book buying ban…..

Oh, you thought I was going to say that I’m giving up on the blog? Silly person you! LOL

I set a very specific goal back in June that I wasn’t going to be buying any books until September. But as you’ve read above, that didn’t quite work out. Back in June I broke my goal when I bought two 20th anniversary editions of Harry Potter. It’s a good thing I did because shortly after I bought them the store sold out! Blessing in disguise. So this is what happened this month:

July 17 book haul

After seeing the cover of My Best Friends Exorcism I knew there was no way I could walk out of the store without that book in my hands. Then I thought, why stop at just one? I’ve already read My Best Friends Exorcism and Eliza and her Monsters (Click to see the review) My Lady Jane is one that I heard of when it came out and didn’t think I would enjoy it. But since then it’s been getting consistent hype and all the reviews are good so I thought I would give it a shot.

The top 3 books are ARC’s. I talked about Invictus and Fireblood (Both from The Hachette Book Group Canada/Little Brown) in my quick Book Launch post. It’s killing me having to wait until closer to the release of these books to get to them. But it will be happening in just a few weeks!!!!

The top one, Here We Are Now by Jasmine Warga, is one that I got last month and forgot to haul! This is the first book that I’ve gotten from Harper Collins Canada!!! I was so excited to start working with them as they are a publishing company i’ve adored since childhood. But timing my requests has been off for the last few months and they offered to send me this one. I read My Heart and Other Black Holes last year and loved it way more than I expected! Her writing style was so emotional. As soon as I found out that she had written another one I was so excited! This one isn’t released until November so I’ll be waiting a while to review it.

I tried to keep to my book buying ban but let’s just say that the power of books was too strong (or my own will power is just too weak!) and honestly, I regret nothing! So there it is – I give up!

Until next time, happy reading!