I’ve been anticipating the release of Sarah J Maas’s A Court of Wings and Ruin for what seems like a lifetime! I know I’m not alone in my impatience either! But the day is almost here – May 2nd! So to prepare, an online bookish friend (The Other Weasley over on Books Amino) and I have set a schedule to finish the first two books before our copies come in the mail.

At first I was so happy to get back into these books! I’ve wanted to reread them since last summer but I knew I wouldn’t be satisfied unless I had book three. I’ve been thinking of these characters and this world for SO long and it feels like coming home!

But here’s the problem… both of us are half way through book one and we’re wondering the same thing – is this the same book?? It’s natural to forget some of the things you’ve read. Over time you lose the details and they’re replaced with details of new books and the general chaos of life. I’m a faster than average reader but I won’t skim because I feel the need to soak up everything I can. But what is this?? There are things that are happening and I’m questioning my every thought I had when I read this book the first time.

Now, if you’ve read this series, you know that SJM did a flip with our emotions in book two. Everything we thought we knew was flipped on its ears and we were all sitting there scratching our heads. But I thought I knew these characters! I thought I understood the situation.

Now I’m not so sure.

This reread has called all of my assumptions, instincts, and knowledge into question. It also doesn’t help that I’m over analyzing every tiny detail and trying to compare it to what I already thought I knew. I’m keeping an insane amount of notes on my thoughts, how people tie in together, their powers, and their past. I’ve accepted the fact that I am obsessed!

Have you reread these books. Or are there any other books that you’ve read and they shocked you for the second time?

Until next time, happy reading!