Weekly Wrap Up – Nov 5 – 11

This week just started and I’m writing a wrap up post already?! I was swamped with work and wrapped up in the seasonal BLAH feeling of the time change that I swear this week never happened lol. Normally the time change doesn’t bother me. I love the dark! But, for some reason, I can’t seem to shake the feeling that 5:00pm is midnight…… it’s throwing me for a loop! I was also dealing with a migraine so that was fun lol! But I did manage to finish a GIANT book this week! Here’s what happened in my bookish life:


Kingdom of ash

It’s over!! NOOOO! This was possibly the best series finale i’ve ever read! This book was just so freaking good! I love how she was able to connect and weave characters lives all the way back from book one. This world and its characters was just massive! It was a rollercoaster of a book but I absolutely loved it and feel bad that I ignored my family so I could finish it faster lol! Review to come soon.


The shadow of the wind

The Shadow of the Wind by Carlis Ruiz Zafón was the book that I was supposed to read for my TBR unhaul challenge last month. Due to a high anxiety month, I used my save for the year and saved it to read this month. If I don’t read it in November, I have to unhaul it – and that’s just not going to happen! So it’s getting read now!



This weeks topic was a difficult one for me, but one that I knew people would like to talk about – and that is the Top 5 books I almost DNF’d but now I’m in love with. I only managed to have 3 on my list as I’m not really big into not finishing books. But it was interesting to see that others shared my struggle with relating or attaching to some books. This Tuesday’s topic is the Top 5 worlds you want to live in!! I can’t wait to see what worlds you would choose!


Unrelated to books, but more important than books, today is remembrance day. I did’t get to meet my grandparents on my dad’s side. They unfortunately passed away when my dad was only 16. But I still feel a pull towards them. My Dad, Aunt’s and Uncle’s talk about them so frequently, and I really feel like I would have loved them. My grandfather was in the war, and this is the picture that I love the most. Thinking of all the brave men and women who sacrificed for our freedom today 🙂

grandpa martin

Flower divider

This was probably my shortest wrap up ever! Not much to talk about as I spent almost every waking moment working or reading Kingdom of Ash. I have another work heavy week ahead of me as well so I don’t know that I’ll be around the blog as much as I want to. If not, I hope you all have an amazing week ahead!

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  1. Nice my wrap up is going up soon and another post

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  2. CJR The Brit says:

    KoA was so good wasn’t it! I shed a few tears at the end!

    I feel you with migraines. I started getting them about a year ago and they are the most vilest things on earth. Feel better ❤

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    1. Vile is the perfect word for migraines! I don’t wish them on my worst enemy!

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      1. CJR The Brit says:

        I jinxed myself, I have one today 😭

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        1. Noooooooooo!! I hope you’re feeling better today!


          1. CJR The Brit says:

            Thanks ❤ It hung around all day today too but I took some extra strength painkillers and now it’s just hovering in the background!

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          2. Glad you’re doing a little better 🙂


  3. Aaah I’m so happy you loved KoA!! 😀

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  4. Naty says:

    Ohh I hope you like Shadow of the wind!!

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    1. It’s going good so far 🙂

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  5. Alyssa Cohen says:

    Great wrap up! You are so right about the time change… I can’t believe how dark it gets in the middle of the afternoon! 😦

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