Happy Top 5 Tuesday everyone! I didn’t post yesterday because I just needed a break. I spent the day working, relaxing, and reading. I just needed a mental day off and it really helped a lot. I haven’t been sleeping well lately and my brain just wasn’t ready to function at a high pace. But, I’m back with top 5 Tuesday today and feeling good 🙂 I’m cheating today though – this is a top 3 for me. I’m a really easy person to please when it comes to books. I rarely ever DNF (did not finish) books. I like to push through, give it a chance, and see how it goes. I find that if I don’t like a book, I can’t really form an opinion until I consume the whole thing. But lately, I’ve been more at ease with setting a book aside when I “really know” that it’s not for me. There are just too many books and too little time to waste on something that I’m not enjoying. Even still, there were 3 books that I wasn’t sold on and honestly wanted to give up on but when I pushed through I absolutely fell in love with! These are some loaded and shocking confessions here! If you know my reading tastes at all, I know you’re going to shake your head at me soon lol. Here we go!

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That’s right – I almost gave up on Nevernight! See what I mean – SHOCKING!!! I am so obsessed with Jay Kristoff it’s ridiculous. But when I first started this book I wasn’t convinced. I actually attempted to read this book 3 times before I finally followed through. The first few chapters were confusing. It had a lot to do with the fact that there were different timelines within the same chapter and the fact that there were footnotes. But I was assured that this book was perfect for me…… so on the third attempt to read it, I followed through, and never looked back. This is now one of my all time favourites!!

Red rising


Oh boy this one was a struggle and I really don’t know why! I had people threatening physical harm unless I read this book! I’m not kidding! People that know my reading tastes kept yelling at me to read it, yet every time I tried, I read a chapter or two and set it aside. Maybe it just wasn’t the right time? I can’t say! Either way I’m bloody damn glad that I finally listened and pushed through……. see what I did there? No? Then you haven’t read this book yet!

My lady Jane


And the third book is another one that I couldn’t stop talking about! But I will admit that I almost didn’t finish it. The first few chapters weren’t the greatest for me but it mainly had to do with the fact that I knew there was a character that turned into a horse. Magical realism isn’t my thing, and after reading the first few chapters, I just couldn’t wrap my head around how that aspect could work into the story. The funny thing is….. it just does lol! Just read it and you’ll see!

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There it is – I’ve admitted it and I feel a lot better lol! There are so many books out there that might not start out the greatest yet they turn into something amazing! Just goes to show that you shouldn’t give up on something too easily because it could turn into something amazing!

Until next time, happy reading!