Top 5 Modern Classics

What is a modern classic you ask? First, let’s take a look at the definition of the word Classic:

Judged over a period of time to be of the highest quality and outstanding of its kind,

A work of art of recognized and established value.

The definition of the word classic is helpful, but how does that apply to books? Let’s take this one step further shall we? I believe that a modern classic should be considered something that is a high quality work of art, is published within the last 20 years or so, and is valuable to future generations. I think that a modern classic is something that will one day become a classic and will teach future generations something. This book should be impactful, bring light to a situation, or be incredibly entertaining. A book can become a classic for so many reasons! So I’m making this list based on the book I think will become a classic one day, and will be cherished for generations to come!

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THE HARRY POTTER SERIES – first book published in 1997

WHY I CONSIDER THIS A CLASSIC – With this series, I honestly don’t think that I need to explain! Such a well written series that reaches out to people of all ages. I got into this when I was in my late teens. I didn’t read it before then because I thought I was too old for a middle grade series about magic. SO WRONG! This series has something for everyone, is so complex and wonderfully written. We get magical wonder, the powers of friendship, perseverance, determination, family, loyalty, and so much more!

The book thief

THE BOOK THIEF – first published in 2006

WHY I CONSIDER THIS A CLASSIC – First of all, it’s so beautifully written, but the message is why I think this book is timeless. Set during one of the worst events in history, we follow a young girl and her perspective on these events. I think it’s the perspective of this innocent child that makes this story so impactful. She’s so full of love and caring. She doesn’t quite understand what’s happening around her and why, so she choses to love even though it’s dangerous to do so. The hate surrounding her is so confusing and we follow her journey as she tries to understand why people feel the way they do. We also see the tiny intricacies of living in a Natzi world with opinions that don’t match the leadership, and the consequences of those opinions. Such a beautiful story!

perks book

THE PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWER – First published in 1999

WHY I CONSIDER THIS A CLASSIC – This one is already being called a cult classic, and I think it will stay that way for quite some time. This book is central to a boy as he navigates high school and friendship (sprinkled with some other personal issues) – something that we all can relate to at a certain point in our lives. I think we’ve all had experiences like this and can relate to at least one event or one character. This book gives us some insight into popular culture in the 90’s as well. I was totally obsessed with The Rocky Horror Picture Show in the 90’s (ok, I still am!) There are also specific elements of sexual abuse, same sex relationships, and mental illness which was really well done. No matter how many years down the line I think that teenagers will be able to relate to this one in some way or another.


THE HELP – First published in 2009

WHY I CONSIDER THIS A CLASSIC – This book gives us some insight to the segregation in America and what that meant for both white and blacks. Sadly, some were treated as lesser humans, but this book was written about a very interesting time. Where some people (who didn’t have their heads shoved up their own asses) realized that the colour of someones skin didn’t determine their worth. This book covers the hope, perseverance, and close bonds of those who were maids in such a heartwarming and beautiful way. Even though these maids didn’t think they could change their situation, they stuck together like a wonderful family, supporting each other, and caring for those they were in charge of more than anyone really realized. And Skeeters character shows us what it is to fight expectations. She overcame what was expected of her as a woman and pushed past her fears to help those she loved. Together they made changes and gave hope.


READY PLAYER ONE – First published in 2011

WHY I CONSIDER THIS IS A CLASSIC – This one will be a classic in the same way that 1984 is – an insight into what our future could become. A dystopian world that is just scary enough to be real some day. When the world is crumbling around us, we stack ourselves to live in small spaces because the earth has been destroyed. And because our earth is now a mess, we are forced to live in a virtual reality world that transports us to something more accessible and beautiful, essentially forgetting how badly we messed things up. I’m sure that at the time 1984 was published no one thought that would be possible…… Big Brother wasn’t too far off apparently.




The idea of a modern classic is subjective I guess and can be taken in so many ways. These are my take on what could be considered a classic and why. I hope you enjoyed!!

Until next time, happy reading!

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  1. This is such a great idea! I just added my Top Five Modern Classics at Thanks for the inspiration! Molly

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    1. I saw that but I may need to change your name that I put on the list. I had it as Mary Mack. Your name story was hilarious by the way!! I’ll change it asap!

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      1. Thanks! Happens all the time. Good luck not singing the song the rest of the day!

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        1. Bwahahaha!! And I have been!


  2. Angela JC says:

    Great list!! I haven’t read Ready Player One yet but it’s on my TBR (:

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  3. So glad that you included “The Help” and consider it a ‘modern classic’. I loved it and I hope that it will stand the test of time to be considered a classic by all.

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  4. I feel like everyone’s going to include “The Book Thief,” but I honestly can’t think of a book that’s influenced me more or that I’ve recommended to more people in the past decade. It’s nice to see that it’s finally getting its due. (I had no idea it existed until about 2010, when I was first assigned it.)

    Liked by 2 people

    1. You were assigned that book in school?! Wow I’m glad your teacher was able to include newer books! I always got crappy classics that didn’t appeal to me in the slightest…. ok except for 1984 lol

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Twice! The first time, it was assigned to the whole class. The second, we could pick from a list (and since I loved it so much the first time, I picked it!). I actually own three copies: my original paperback from school, a nice hardback copy from my mom at Christmas, and a new paperback 10th anniversary edition because I’ve misplaced my original paperback.

        I feel like there needs to be more modern books on school reading lists, like a good mix of modern and old classics. I know “Illuminae” was on the reading list for my old high school this summer (10th grade).

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        1. Oh I’ve been dying to get my hands on the 10th anniversary edition! I’ve added it to my Christmas list 🙂
          OMG Illuminae was on a list?! I think your school is the best school ever!! 😂

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          1. It’s not the super fancy 10th anniversary edition; just the paperback. I wish I had the beautiful collector’s 10th anniversary! I’ll just have to hope they release a pretty 25th anniversary one and save up for that! 😛

            My school’s actually expanded a lot since I left, in terms of what summer reading requirements are. I’m continually surprised at what appears on the list each year.

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          2. Any edition of that book is amazing!

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  5. I think you chose perfect books to be considered modern classics and I think you did a perfect job explaining why! Amazing post ❤

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  6. Beware Of The Reader says:

    Hi Shannah, can you add me please? Here is my link and so sorry to be late but I was sick these last two days 😦 Now Harry was on my list too! I’ve never heard of the last one so I will go have a look if it will become.. a classic! 😉

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    1. Yup I’ll be able to update the list shortly. Today has been chaos as it’s the first day back to school for my kids!
      I hope you’re feeling better!!

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      1. Beware Of The Reader says:

        Well yes it’s only a cold so I’ll be better soon. My kids went back to school yesterday so I know the feeling! I had to enrol them to rock climbing for my son, theater classes for my daughter, etc. Crazy busy days!!!

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        1. Omg that’s a lot of stuff to do all at once!!
          The bus was 45 minutes late. No joke. I’m so behind!!! I’ll add you soon. I promise!


  7. Ryann the Reader says:

    Oh yes! I totally forgot about The Book Thief! That one is definitely a classic in my book, too!

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    1. There are just too many to remember!!

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  8. I totally forgot about The Help! That wouldn’t definitely make my list if I could extend it!

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  9. ignitedmoth says:

    Awesome list! 😀

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  10. raineedayze says:

    Love that you included RP1! I didn’t even think about that one!

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  11. ellekirks says:

    I definitely believe these books have lasting impact and the possibility of becoming classics. I’d be interested to see more intersectionality in future classics. Even “The Help” is written by a white person, from the POV of a white person, so although it relates to race issues, it is still a white person’s story.
    But great list regardless! 🙂

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    1. Yes, it is still a white persons story. I’ve read many books from the perspective of the slave or maid and they were also wonderful. One of them was most recent (Homegoing). I actually have a post written and set to post this week about this subject

      Liked by 1 person

      1. ellekirks says:

        Oh that’s great to hear! I really loved Homegoing, too! 🙂

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        1. It was sooo beautiful and emotional. The way she wrote the characters I dove head first into their life. I wanted more from each of them. I can’t wait for more of her books!

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  12. Annie says:

    Oh, The Help ❤ Loved it so so so so much

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  13. kyera says:

    I would 100% be behind Harry Potter being labeled a classic, can we get it bound up at a Barnes and Noble leatherbound book?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ohhhhhhhh that would be beautiful!!!! 😍😍

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