Ok, ok. Let’s just all admit that the movie is never as good as the book! But there have been a few that have come close. As book lovers, we get so emotionally attached to worlds and characters, so when they change something in a movie it makes us angry! When we build up a world inside of our head and then the movie version doesn’t come close, we get disappointed. And when they skip over our favourite part of the book (which they almost always do!), we literally yell at the screen for the missed opportunity. But there’s the rare few that I felt did justice to the book and those are the ones I’ll be talking about today.

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Top 5 Tuesday

I thought I would start this one off with the “Obvious” list. There are quite a few movies out there that are well loved by (almost) everyone so there’s no need for me to feature them. I know that not everyone loves these adaptations, but the majority seems to think that these belong on the top of the list. Those would be:




This might even be a case where I loved the movie more than the book – but not much more. The book was spectacular, don’t get me wrong, but this movie was able to invoke so much more emotion in me. It all has to do with the cast – the actresses in this movie couldn’t have been any better. No seriously, it’s not possible. These women were just incredible. Every time I laughed or cried throughout the book, I laughed or cried even harder during the movie. Even now, when I see the actresses in a different movie, it takes me quite a while to separate them from the characters they played in this movie. I think the word I’m searching for is ICONIC!


Yet another shining example of the perfect cast making all the difference! Ezra Miller as Patrick was pure gold – he was everything I hoped he would be. The book had a certain feel to it that I couldn’t really explain. And my worst fear going into the movie was that the feeling would be lost. I was so wrong. This movie brought me even further into my time as a high school student, Rocky Horror Picture Show obsession and all, and brought the characters to life. Such a great movie!


This is such an emotional story that, no matter what form it’s in, it will steal your heart. The book will forever remain on my favourite books ever list. The story of an innocent girl who has lost so much but continues to love no matter what the cost is just so beautiful. Lines are not drawn for her, even though that’s what she’s being told. Being able to see it come to life on screen gave it a whole new depth that I appreciated very much. Hans (the father) was my favourite character in the book and he was my favourite in the movie as well. I had a hard time with this one in the beginning as I found death as the narrator a little difficult. Once the book got going it worked out really well though. But in the movie it was done just perfectly!


This movie was beyond beautiful! The people cast in this movie were just perfect, but it was the setting of the whole thing that just blew me away!! I read this book and loved it, but I didn’t really know a lot about this time period or the life of a Geisha so it was hard for me to picture it all. The setting, the clothes, the dances, everything. I just can’t describe in words how much I loved this movie. Both were so heartbreaking at times, and heartwarming at other times. I highly recommend both!


Say what you will about Dan Brown books – I just love them! This is a genre that I rarely read but I found these so fast paced and interesting! No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t figure it out and was always wrong when I guess what was going to happen next. I even got my husband to read all of his books which is a feat in and of itself! The movies were really great as well. Most of all because of Tom Hanks. He is hands down my favourite actor and I will watch and love everything he’s in. I may have had a slight crush on him since FOREVER and I don’t feel bad about it one bit! LOL


So there’s my top 5 favourite book to movie adaptations! There are quite a few new ones being released in the near future that I can’t wait for (Ready Player One!) and a few others that have already come out but I haven’t watched yet. Hopefully they will make the cut when I do this list again next year! What’s on your top 5 list?

Until next time, happy reading!