I was tagged recently by Justine over at the stellar blog I Should Read That and I was immediately excited to do this! First of all, Harry Potter, and second, I laughed the whole way through reading her answers. Starting with her first answer it was almost as if she was reading my mind! Bookish telepathy….. yup, that’s totally a thing now….. because I said so.

1 – FLAGRATE (writing charm) – A book you found interesting but would like to rewrite


Yes, this answer is the same as Justine’s, but it was the best answer for me as well! I loved the Lunar Chronicles. That series will probably remain one of my all time favourite series. And maybe my love for that series caused me to pump this one up too much? Either way this book fell flat and didn’t meet my expectations. I thought the idea of a prequel to the Red Queen’s ‘evilness’ was such an interesting concept. I knew that she wasn’t going to be this evil person, but to be honest, she wasn’t anything. Well she was two things – boring and repetitive. If I could rewrite it I would take out her constantly repeating that she wanted a bakery on every page and add in more of the other characters. I basically found every other character interesting, just not her! I wish that there was even a hint of her evilness before hand but nope, just a ton of baked good and a strong desire to not marry the king. Ugh

2 – ALOHOMORA (unlocking charm) – the first book in a series that got you hooked


This is such a hard question! So many to choose from! For right now I’m going to have to choose Illumine by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff. This one started an absolute fascination with science fiction. I had read a few sci-fi books before this one, but this one made me want more space, ships, AI’s, fighting, etc. The whole thing was so interesting and well done. I loved the format most of all. The messages, video surveillance, pictures, diagrams, and other unique ways of telling this story. The plot twist caught me off guard and I loved that there was a mystery as to why the planet was attacked in the first place. Luckily I got more answers in book two, but having that information withheld in book one made me want book 2 even more! Here are some more recent runner-up answers for this question: Strange the Dreamer, Six of Crows, Sins of Empire.

3 – ACCIO (summoning charm) – a book you wish you could have right now!


PLEASE?! I promise to be a good girl! (lie)

I promise to eat all my fruits and vegetables (not a lie)

I promise to calm down my book buying this year (total lie)

Ok then…… I’ll wait until May 2nd…….. I’m going to go pout now……. ACCIO ACOWAR! No? Damn it! I’m not a witch then…… double pout

4 – AVADA KEDAVRA – A killer book

The girl in 6E.jpg

I wasn’t quite sure how to take this one so I took it literally – as in a book with a killer. The main character has closed herself off from the world by locking herself in an apartment so she doesn’t kill anyone. Of course she has already killed before and will kill again. This is an erotic thriller that actually surprised me with how much I ended up liking it!

5 – CONFUNDO (confusing charm) – a book you found confusing

House of leaves

Once again my answer is the same as Justine’s! This is one that I’ve been trying to read for over a year but I still haven’t made my way through it. At times you think you know what’s going on but then the action and explanations stops and then the story moves on to something and someone else. I think I am about halfway through and still have no clue what’s going on. There are footnotes narrated by someone else after the actual events that this book is about. This narrator found the information about the house in question and he’s trying to make sense of it all. I don’t know that I’ll understand what’s going on even if I do end up finishing this one!!

6 – EXPECTO PATRONUM – your spirit animal book

The perks of being a wallflower.jpg

The definition of spirit animal – saying that something or someone is your spirit animal is a statement that the person or thing is a representation of you or what you want to be. For this one I could choose so many books of people I would want to be. Aelin from Throne of Glass, Katniss from Hunger Games – the list could go on. But I decided to pick a book that represented me in the past. The Perks of Being a Wallflower. More specifically, Sam. When I was in high school me and my group of friends were the outcasts. We were often called the freaks because we all dressed weird and loved off colour things – like The Rocky Horror Picture Show. We used to watch it all the time and act it out, each of us having a specific part we played. We always searched for the younger kids who didn’t seem to fit into any group and who were just looking to fit in. We made it a point to tell them that they didn’t need to change to fit in and that we accepted them for who they were, quirks and all. I was one of the over achieving kids in the bunch and was almost like Sam. But my relationships were nothing like hers!

7 – SECTUM SEMPRA (dark charm) – a dark and twisted book


You by Caroline Kepnes. This book is told from the perspective of a stalker/killer. You were inside his head and his thoughts as he was obsessing about a girl, wanting to love her, wanting to hate her, and justifying all of his feelings. It was downright creepy! I’m not sure if this is what it’s normally like being inside the head of a stalker – and I don’t want to find out!!!

8 – APARECIUM (revealing charm) – a book that surprised you in a great way, reveals to be more than it is


I’ll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson. This one was purely a cover buy. I found it well before I found Book Tube or Goodreads and didn’t know what to expect going into it. The cover caught my eye and the synopsis sounded mildly interesting. I kind of expected it to be a coming of age story and it was. But it ended up being so much more than that. It had so many different elements of love, connection, loss, acceptance and understanding. It would be a fantastic read for anyone with siblings or parents who are experiencing problems. I don’t have siblings or parents that have experienced problems, but this one still hit me in the emotions so hard.

I’m not going to tag anyone – if you see this and think it sounds like fun then go ahead! But please let me know if you do this tag as I would be interested to see your answers!

Until next time, happy reading!!