Top 5 Tuesday – April 2020 Topics!

With Covid-19 making its way around the world, everyone is struggling. People have lost loved ones, anxiety is high, and fear threatens to take over at a moments notice. Most of us are introverts – so the idea of being told to stay home is a bit of a dream come true! BUT – the reality of this situation isn’t all sunshine and rainbows – not even close.

I had the topics for this month all planned out before this pandemic started. I decided to change things up because we all need to smile, laugh, be motivated, and have something to look forward to. The first topic isn’t even book related……. I know! Who am I?? But I think it will be helpful to see and maybe it will even give others some ideas! I was going to do a top 5 books to read during quarantine but I figured we would all cover that in a TBR and I didn’t want people (myself included) to have to repeat ourselves. So – here are your positive, happy, motivating, and distracting topics for April:

APRIL 7 – Top 5 sanity savers – things i’m enjoying while in isolation!
APRIL 14 – Top 5 books that made me laugh
APRIL 21 – Top 5 popular books I haven’t read yet
APRIL 28 – Top 5 series I want to start


I myself need some motivation to take advantage of the isolation time right now. I’m a massive mood reader which isn’t helping at all. The stress and anxiety of the world is sitting inside my head making it hard to focus. I hope you all like these topics and I hope it helps distract you during these hard times. Stay safe and healthy everyone!

Until next time, happy reading!

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