Here’s where I suck it up and take the long lonely walk of shame. I’m admitting defeat twice within 7 days. This time, it has to do with my TBR Thursday feature. I loved that feature but it posed two problems. The first problem is that I had too many in one genre and not enough of another. The other problem was that I would mention a list of books and then have so many recommendations that I would want to read them all. It was just confusing. I wanted to read so many books all at once – I couldn’t do it anymore. SO – I’m going back to the monthly TBR and we will have to see how that goes. If there’s one thing in blogging (and my reading life in general) that really messes me up – it’s TBR’s! I’m a mood reader so setting aside certain books doesn’t always work. But I found that when I skipped over the monthly TBR I was still setting certain books aside to read that month

The long winded intro is over – on with the books!



I chose these two because I really wanted to finish off a series or two before starting a new one. I’ve finished quite a few this year and wanted to keep the momentum going!. First off I have STARFALL by Melissa Landers – This is one that I’ve been dying to get to since I finished Starflight a few months ago but kept getting side tracked. The first book was such an entertaining adventure and I’ve been itching to continue! Then I plan on finishing the Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy by reading DREAMS OF GODS AND MONSTERS by Laini Taylor. This is quite a hefty book, and the second one in the series wasn’t really the best in my opinion. I kept getting bored and was sad to see the character arc that Karou was falling in, so I’m not going into this one with very high hopes unfortunately. Seriously though – it’s over 600 pages!! GAH!


Next I plan to get to NEVERNIGHT by Jay Kristoff. I don’t think it’s possible for me to be more excited for this book!!! I’ve heard people raving about it – and these are people that have very similar reading tastes as me. I flipped through the pages and there is some seriously vulgar language which makes me even more excited!!!! I follow Jay Kristoff on Twitter and his account is possibly the funniest thing ever! I love his humour and I LOVE the Illuminae series, so – YAY!!!! I jumped the gun and pre-ordered Godsgrave (which is being released in early September) so I need to have this one done so I can jump right in!



Lastly I have these two ARC’s that are being released in September. FIREBLOOD by Elly Blake is being released on September 12th and I’m going to the book launch party on the 16th so I will need to have this one read for sure in August or the beginning of September. And if I have time this month (and don’t get distracted with shiny new books) I plan on getting to INVICTUS by Ryan Graudin. This is the number one most anticipated book for the last half of 2017 so I can’t wait to dive right in! I literally cried when I held this ARC in my hands. Time travel, a heist on the titanic, and so much more….. my stomach has butterflies!! This one isn’t being released until the end of September so I still have quite a bit of time.


That’s what I plan/hope to get to in the month of August. I’m not committing to the monthly TBR but for the next few months this is the format that will work out the best for me. Expect me to flip and flop with TBR’s as they will be the death of me. How a TBR can literally kill me you ask? Probably by falling on my head or overloading my heart with stress, anxiety, and sadness.

Until next time, happy reading!