The Color of Dragons


Written by R.A. Salvatore and Erika Lewis
Published by Harper Teen, October 19th, 2021
My star rating – 3 stars


Magic needs a spark.

And Maggie’s powers are especially fickle. With no one to help her learn to control her magic, the life debt that she owes stretches eternally over her head, with no way to repay it.

Until she meets Griffin, the king’s champion, infamous for hunting down the draignochs that plague their kingdom.

Neither has any idea of the destiny that they both carry, or that their meeting will set off a chain of events that will alter every aspect of the life they know—and all of history thereafter.


Writing this review has been really hard. I mean, I enjoyed it a little. I didn’t hate it for sure. But it didn’t blow my mind in any way. To be honest, it took me a few weeks to write the review because I forgot everything about it just days after reading it. Yeah. It was one of those books for me. Was it the books fault? Or is it the fact that I had to read a fantasy so I could write a review while I was in the middle of the worst “fantasy specific reading slump” I’ve ever been in? I don’t know what to tell you. But I can say, this reading slump that only seems to apply to the genre of fantasy alone, may have influenced my enjoyment of this one. So take my review with a grain of salt.

First off, this book has so much going for it! First off, it’s a standalone fantasy – that’s right; stand alone! I love this because we get the adventure, magic, and a beginning to end all in the same book. Not that I have a problem with a series! I love a lengthy story! But still, getting a beginning and resolution in the same novel is magic!

This also offers up dragons and magic. Call me old school, hut dragons and magic are two keywords that go SO well in fantasy! This is also a Merlin origin story (really caught your attention now, huh?). It felt so very nostalgic and comforting! It felt like something I read and loved as a younger human and would reread multiple times just so I could live in the adventure again and again. Yeah, ok, so the tropes were familiar and I could spot plot direction a mile away. It didn’t matter though. It felt like I was coming home to a hug in a book in a way.

This was also a story for the underdog and I LOVE me an underdog! I love watching characters who have no possessions or expectations coming into their own and making their own way. The characters felt very realistic and I had a bit of a soft spot for them. Maggie especially. Maggie is the strong sort who stick with their convictions and knows exactly who they are.

I just felt a little like the story wasn’t quite built to completion. I wanted so much more of the dragons and the magic. Give me some good old fashioned info dumping! I want to know the details of how it all works! Paint me a story. Give me a history. Along with the world building, I just felt like there was something missing there.

The flow of this book was probably my biggest issue. It’s written by two authors so maybe that had something to do with it? Or maybe it was the fact that the perspectives were different? One character was told in first person while the other was in third person. It wasn’t a big deal necessarily but, the changing of perspectives was jarring enough to make me have to recalibrate upon the change. I adjusted easily, but it was a little weird.

There’s also the fact that there are quite a few characters. Some obviously played a larger role than others, but there was so much name dropping from beginning to end. It felt a little like an attempt to make the world/story a grander feel but it only confused me. I either couldn’t remember who they were or I spent a lot of Tim trying to remember inconsequential characters in the event they played a larger role to the story in the end. I felt like I needed a character map or something!

This was a quick and (somewhat) enjoyable read. The ending felt way too rushed for me but it was, like I mentioned earlier, nice to have the story wrapped up by the end. I know quite a few of you will totally love this but I just wasn’t that person. I enjoyed myself while reading but, in the end, it was a bit of a forgettable story.

Until next time, happy reading!

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