Talk Bookish To Me


Written by Kate Bromley
Published by Graydon House, May 25th, 2021
My star rating – 4 stars


Kara Sullivan’s life is full of love—albeit fictional. As a bestselling romance novelist and influential bookstagrammer, she’s fine with getting her happily-ever-after fix between the covers of a book.

But right now? Not only is Kara’s best friend getting married next week—which means big wedding stress—but the deadline for her next novel is looming, and she hasn’t written a single word. The last thing she needs is for her infuriating first love, Ryan Thompson, to suddenly appear in the wedding party. But Ryan’s unexpected arrival sparks a creative awakening in Kara that inspires the steamy historical romance she desperately needs to deliver.

With her wedding duties intensifying, her deadline getting closer by the second and her bills not paying themselves, Kara knows there’s only one way for her to finish her book and to give her characters the ever-after they deserve. But can she embrace the unlikely, ruggedly handsome muse—who pushes every one of her buttons—to save the wedding, her career and, just maybe, write her own happy ending?


As soon as I read the synopsis for this book I said to myself “This book was written for you! You’re going to love it!” And I was right! This book is the sexy romance written specifically for book nerds and you’re all going to love it!

The first thing that stands out for me is the writing style. There was just ‘something’ about it that clicked with me and it was one of the easiest and smoothest books i’ve ever read. I know – saying it that way makes it seem as though the writing was basic but it totally wasn’t. It wasn’t written like everything was sunshine and rainbows and everyone is smiling and perfect. Yes, it’s a rom-com so naturally it’s going to be an easier read. But there were a lot of deep and hard hitting themes in here. Literally the only way I can explain it was as if the writing style matched my inner monologue. It was as if it was on the same brain wave frequency of my own. And then she would come in with the deep stuff and make me stop in my tracks to reread the beauty of her sentences. I might have cried twice. Maybe.

There were a lot of tropes in here. The ex’s come together in an awkward event where no one knew that these two had a past. Enemies to lovers. And a few others. But even though these tropes have been done more than a few times, the author still spun them in a way that was really interesting to read. You kind of knew what was going to happen and you couldn’t wait to get there!

Remember how I said that there were some deep themes in here? That was seriously my favourite part of this book! The two come back together after being apart for 10 years. Even after all this time, they realized that there were still sparks. But a lot has happened to them in the last 10 years. And there was also the fact that the two of them spilt for a reason. BUT – they actually owned up to their mistakes, talked about them, realized that they were wrong, and dealt with it like GROWN ASS ADULTS!!!! A huge thank you goes out to the author for this one! So many times i’ve read books where they use past conflicts as a plot point but they never have the characters deal with it or own up to it. It was beyond refreshing having two people realize that their actions had consequences and actually take accountability!! They grew as people and were able to come together in a completely different way because of it.

Another great thing about this book was the balance. The characters were a perfect balance of flawed and desirably perfect. They were soft yet forceful. Smart yet sassy. The author wrote this whole book with balance in mind, realizing that there was a time and a place for everything. Up’s and downs with the plot were also perfectly placed making the pace consistent all the way through. It was just very well crafted!

I REALLY loved this book so you’re probably wondering why I only rated it 4 stars. One word – cheating. I can’t condone cheating. As in ever. I understood why it was written this way. Even still I hated every minute of it. It wasn’t even necessary to the plot as a whole. The book could have been the same or even taken a slightly different route. I just can’t.

Despite the cheating, this was a damn good book! I’m in absolute awe of the fact that this is a debut! This might be a must read rom-com author! Just no more cheating, please?

Until next time, happy reading!

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  1. This is on my list to read!


  2. This sounds great! I love when adults deal with problems like adults! Adding to my to-read list…


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