I’m ending things…..

Not with the blog! And not with myself. This title is totally clickbait – but also accurate.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m deleting my YouTube channel. Sigh…. But it needed to happen. I LOVED making videos! Both book related and journal/planner related. And things were going really well with it actually! The two months before I stopped posting videos, I was gaining around 50 subscribers a week or so. It was insanity! And it gave me so much confidence and momentum. But it was a very unhealthy relationship.

To be able to film videos, you need to have everything come together in a perfect storm. A quiet space – the time to film, the time to edit….. I had none of those things. Being that there is a pandemic going on, I have my husband and two kids around me at all times. Not that that’s a bad thing – but I don’t have the space to myself to film that isn’t a common space. When I would need at least 30 minutes to film, I can’t just ask them to leave the living room so I can do it. So I found myself getting more and more behind because I didn’t have the chance to hit the record button. When I actually DID get the chance to film, it would be last minute and I wouldn’t be prepared or my phone would be at 5%…. there was always something against me.

Then, when it came to art and journal videos, it was the same problem. I didn’t have the time to film so I wouldn’t do anything. Then I would have an entire week of blank pages and not even know where to begin. Art was much the same.

Basically – not having time to film made me not do anything at all. I felt as though I couldn’t create because I wasn’t filming. I wouldn’t do a page in my sketchbook because the guilt ate me alive that I wasn’t using it as content.

See what I mean? Toxic

The plan for the future you ask? I don’t know! LOL! First and foremost – I’m coming back to making the blog a priority! YAY!!!!! Same reviews but the added content of hauls, wrap up’s, TBR’s, favourites and more. Basically all the ideas I wanted to do for the YouTube channel but never got the chance to film!

Then I’m going to be creative with my art and journals whenever I want to! What a concept huh? I’ve been stuck with my guilt for so long and I can’t wait to just BE. I also plan to do a little more with my Instagram account and I couldn’t be happier about that decision.

And – with all this free time – I might even entertain the thought of opening an online store for art prints, bookmarks, original pieces, and more. I’ve only talked about that for years…..

That was a very long winded way of me telling you that I’m back! I hope you like my blog posts and Instagram posts because you’re going to be seeing a lot more of them!

Until next time, happy reading!

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  1. The busy shelf says:

    Such decisions are always hard to make, but just like you pointed it out, when something gets toxic, you just need to do what must be done. Kudos to you for doing the best for you and we can’t wait to see more content from you here šŸ˜€ take care and all the best!

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  2. CJR The Brit says:

    Glad to see you back. ā¤

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  3. jillianthebookbutterfly says:

    The reasons you described are part of many as to why I could never bring myself to start a YouTube channel. That, and I love writing way too much. But you’re braver than me for even starting one!

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    1. I definitely love writing more!!!!! And Iā€™m proud I tried. At least šŸ˜‚

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  4. Ahh, I’m so behind on blog-hopping, but YAY to coming back to the blog!! We’ve missed you (although you still manage to post more book reviews than I ever do šŸ˜‚). Sending lots of love šŸ’•


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