October/Off The Grid Readathon TBR!

This is both sad and exciting to say, but this is the very last Off The Grid Readathon of 2020! This is also the two year anniversary of the readathon…. so hard to believe! The first readathon was in October of 2018. That was kind of like my trial run of the whole thing. It was so positive and productive that I decided to make it a quarterly thing. I can’t believe that it’s turned into what it has! And the best part is having co-host Justine!

This readathon is MUCH NEEDED, let me tell you. I’ve been slumping so hard over the last few months…. well, all year if I’m being completely honest. Some people are fortunate enough to have been able to use this year to boost their reading to incredible heights. Being stuck at home more than often, they’ve been able to lose themselves in the pages of a book. But me on the other hand, not so much. My mental health has been on an epic rollercoaster ride (especially over the last 2 months), and i’ve been swamped with work and spending time with family. Getting used to your kids and husband being around 24/7 for months on end has been an adjustment…. that I’m still working on lol.

For my October TBR there are 2 dedicated just to the readathon, and 4 more for the rest of the month. Here’s my latest video with all the details! Hope you all have a fantastic month!!

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  1. Jinjer says:

    I’ll be danged if I didn’t miss it, despite having it on my calendar!!!! Ugh.


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