Top 5 Tuesday – February 2020 Topics!

The first full month of topics is here!! Most of these topics were inspired by things that I read in January. I actually had a different list planned out but changed them at the last minute. I ran into quite a few books that FAR exceeded my expectations. So many amazing reads in January that I never expected to love as much as I did. So, this is the new list lol. I hope you like them! As excited as I am about this month, I’m even more excited for March…… we have another themed month coming!! 🙂

FEBRUARY 4th – Top 5 books that weren’t what I expected
FEBRUARY 11th – Top 5 books that exceeded my expectations
FEBRUARY 18th – Top 5 bookish habits
FEBRUARY 25TH – Top 5 books that caused a major hangover


I realized after I wrote this list that there wasn’t a topic about love or couples. I guess I kind of missed the ball on valentines day lol. We don’t really celebrate valentines day though so I always forget about it. Have no fear – there’s always time to talk about love and couples later on. I won’t forget!

As always, remember to use the link to any one of my posts so that I get sent a notification and can add you to the list. If you’re unsure of how to do it, you can always send me a link to your post in the comments!

Until next time, happy reading!

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  1. jillianthebookbutterfly says:

    Not having any couples or love on the list works for me!

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    1. I’m not too hurt by it either 😂

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  2. evelynreads1 says:

    Excited to make these lists!


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  3. *Flora* says:

    I’ll put my thinking cap on…

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  4. Ooooh, I haven’t done a top 5 post in ages. But, I’ve already got my 5 for hangovers! Lol.

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    1. 😂 I’m excited for that one too!

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