My Year In Books – 2019 Wrap Up!

Holy hell! This post crept up on me quick! I wasn’t prepared to wrap up the year already…… I’ve been too busy to realize just how close we were to the end of the year. I had high hopes for this year and it didn’t go too bad actually! I set my Goodreads goal to 52 books and ended up reading 86 (i’m finishing two more before the end of the year so I counted those already). I struggled HARD with reading slumps so that amount is impressive actually! I would go through these weird phases where I would want to read ALL the books or NOTHING at all – there was no in-between. 2019 was the year of weird spurts. I also didn’t feel like I was in the mood for fantasy like I normally was…… but when I did this post I realized that wasn’t true!

Doing these posts takes A LOT of work. I actually wasn’t going to accompany this post with pictures but I was messaged by so many people that you were really looking forward to it. So I had to! It may have taken hours to do, and I may have destroyed my shelves, but I learned a lot about my reading year. Enjoy these nerdy bookish statistics!

*** Before we get into the pictures I need to mention why some spines are turned around. Any books that I don’t own a physical copy for, have lent out, or read as an audiobook are represented by a book without the spine showing. And sorry about the lighting! I didn’t have time to take the pictures before the sun went down ***



Number of books read – 86
Number of pages read – 33,996
Average book length – 395

I thought (for about a minute) that I might be able to get to 100 again this year. Actually I could have – if it wasn’t for the slump issues I’ve been having this year. But I’m not mad about it. My initial goal for the year was 52 and I read 86…… still more than my goal! I focus more on pages read. My goal for the last 3 years has been 33,333 pages a year (random I know) and I reached that goal this year by the skin of my teeth lol! Last year my average length was 376 and it was up a bit this year! Go me!!! I’m really happy with that!



Fantasy & Science Fiction – 51
Romance – 7
Contemporary – 9
Historical Fiction – 5
Thriller/Horror & Mystery – 14

Now THIS was an interesting one to see!! Compared to last year my reading habits were very different! Yes, I still read a lot of fantasy and science fiction BUT I read a ton more romance than ever (ok, ok, it was only 7 books but that’s more than 0 last year lol), I read less than half of the amount of contemporary I read last year AND I read quite a bit more thriller/horror/mystery. So this year proved to be more diverse in my genres….. I am SO proud of that! I hope this trend continues in 2020 🙂



Read before – 43
New to me – 43

Huh! This is interesting too! The first year I started doing this wrap up, the number of new to me authors was HUGE! Last year and this year though – they’re even. I think that I might finally be finding some authors that I love and sticking with them but I’m still finding new authors every year.



Female – 62
Male – 24

Another year and another failure to read more male authors. WHY?? I don’t understand this! The weird thing is – I prefer a mans humour (mostly). I grew up surrounded by boys so I was raised with that type of humour. Here I am, another year, and another overwhelming amount of female authors. Not that that’s a problem though! But it’s a little annoying that I can’t figure out why I’m not picking up more men. This one might have to be higher on the list of goals for 2020!!!


Apparently my new yearly tradition is to forget to take the picture of the books separated by star rating. Two years in a row I spaced out on this picture?? I’m consistent if anything lol!!!

5 star ratings – 32
4 star ratings – 35
3 star ratings – 13
2 star ratings – 6

I’m REALLY sad that I missed a visual of this because it’s the most shocking stat of all!! I’m a very easy person to please when it comes to books. I usually rate more books 5 stars than any other rating. This year there were more 4 stars! Interesting…

untitled design

That was my 2019 year in books! I’m still completely in denial that it’s the end of the year. If I don’t believe it then it doesn’t happen right? I can’t wait for the next few weeks to relax, party, and spend time with family! I DESPERATELY need the down time!

If you’re interested in comparing numbers, here is the post from 2017 and 2018. Tomorrow I will be posting my top 10 for the year – you won’t want to miss it!

Until next time, happy reading!

8 Comments Add yours

  1. Georgiana says:

    I love how you illustrated the stats using your physical books! I was most surprised by how many books you reread, that’s very different from my experience in 2019 with zero books reread. Looking forward to the top 10 of the year post!


  2. 32 books 5 stars is amazing!!! I hope your 2020 is even better ❤️🌟


  3. Beware Of The Reader says:

    OMG Shanah how long did it took you to write this and especially to take the pics???


  4. CJR The Brit says:

    Oh my, how long did this take you to compile? On one hand I’d love to do this, and on the other hand…..I’m scared!!!!


  5. I’m so impressed that you took these photos!


  6. Excellent post, impressive record. Loved your stats, shanah.


  7. Something about those book stacks is highly satisfying. Great reading year, Shanah! Hope your 2020 is great too.


  8. Zezee says:

    I look forward to these stats posts at the end of the year. Thanks for doing this and for adding the pics too. That’s pretty cool that your read before and new authors are even.


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