Bookshelf Tour Series – Part 2

Welcome back to the bookshelf tour series! This is part 2 of a series that will continue into December, where I show you all the books on my shelf and include the reviews. If you missed the first post you can find it HERE along with all the details and information of how this works. But, basically, I show you a picture of a shelf, list the book title, author and star rating, and any books where i’ve written a review it will be linked (I believe the linked titles will show up with an underline). When I wrote the first post I didn’t remember that some of my older reviews were formatted differently……….. my OCD wouldn’t let that happen! Now, as I go along, I’m reformatting all the reviews to look the same. Also, gentle reminder that if there is a series on the shelf I will list them in order of series publication and NOT how they appear on my shelf 🙂

This week I’m showing you my half shelves, so there will be 2 pictures to see today. Enjoy!

Bookshelf tour 3


CINDER by Marissa Meyer – 5 stars

SCARLET by Marissa Meyer – 4 stars

CRESS by Marissa Meyer – 5 stars

WINTER by Marissa Meyer – 5 stars

STARS ABOVE by Marissa Meyer – 4 stars

WIRES AND NERVE (graphic novel) by Marissa Meyer – 4.5 stars

WIRES AND NERVE: GONE ROGUE (graphic novel) by Marissa Meyer – 4 stars

RENEGADES by Marissa Meyer – 3.5 stars

THE LIGHTNING THIEF by Rick Riordan – 3.75 stars

Bookshelf tour 4


SKYWARD by Brandon Sanderson – 5 stars

THE LONG WAY TO A SMALL ANGRY PLANET by Becky Chambers – 4 stars

A CLOSED AND COMMON ORBIT by Becky Chambers – 2.5 stars

STARFLIGHT by Melissa Landers – 4.5 stars

STARFALL by Melissa Landers – 4.5 stars

THE LONELIEST GIRL IN THE UNIVERSE by Lauren James – 4.5 stars

HOLD BACK THE STARS by Katie Khan – 3.5 stars

UNEARTHED by Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner – 3.5 stars

THE SPACE BETWEEN THE STARS by Anne Corlett – 4 stars

Flower divider

Wow! I didn’t realize that I had reviewed ALL the books on that 4th shelf! That’s nice to see actually. I had read the vast majority of Marissa Meyer’s books before I started the blog so there isn’t a single review for them. It’s one of my favourite series though!! If you’re interested in seeing past weeks of the bookshelf tour, I’ll always have them listed at the end of my posts.

Bookshelf Tour – Part 1

Until next time, happy reading!

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    Love them!


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  2. I am still here for this. I love seeing what other people read and review!!

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