Swipe Right For Murder


Written by Derek Milman

Published by Jimmy Patterson,  August 6, 2019

My star rating – 4 stars


On the run from the FBI.
Targeted by a murderous cult.
Labeled a cyber-terrorist by the media.
Irritated texts from his best friend.
Eye contact with a nice-looking guy on the train.
Aidan has a lot to deal with, and he’s not quite sure which takes top priority.

Finding himself alone in a posh New York City hotel room for the night, Aidan does what any red-blooded seventeen-year-old would do—he tries to hook up with someone new. But that lapse in judgement leads to him waking up next to a dead guy, which sparks an epic case of mistaken identity that puts Aidan on the run from everyone—faceless federal agents, his eccentric family, and, naturally, a cyber-terrorist group who will stop at nothing to find him.

He soon realizes the only way to stop the chase is to deliver the object everyone wants, before he gets caught or killed. But for Aidan, the hardest part is knowing who he can trust not to betray him—including himself. Find it on Goodreads

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First of all, let’s just take a second and read that synopsis….. I’ll wait……

There. Now that we’ve given the synopsis its proper attention, I bet you’re completely hooked, right? I know I was! I was pretty much already sold on this before I read the synopsis. I had read Derek Milman’s debut novel, Scream All Night, and fell in love with his writing. But that synopsis told me that this one was going to be a wild ride! And wild ride it was!!! There was most definitely a dead guy, the FBI, a cult, cyber terrorism, and so much more. This book never let up!

Because there’s so much happening, the pacing of this book was insane! Almost right from the first chapter we are off on a running pace to get to the end of this story. There are right turns, left turns, up, down, zig zag, spins, turns…. it’s a roller coaster! This is one of those books that you read super fast because you NEED to know what happens next!

It’s not all action and adventure though – there’s so much more to this book. There’s some pretty raw emotions that the character has to deal with, and they all have something to do with the plot itself. It was kind of genius how it was written in actually. There’s grief (in multiple ways), there’s fear, there’s confusion with sexuality, and how sexuality can impact a person’s life. This book also did an incredible job showing how different people handle their emotions. So many people are going through so many different things and none of them deal with it in the same way. And he was constantly fighting with what was right or wrong. Not just for himself but for his family and other people throughout America.

I LOVED that there was so much information included about the early days of the LGBTQ rights movement. Yes, queer books are all kinds of wonderful, but this one taught me things that I didn’t know! And there were so many examples of what it is to be gay in modern times – facing adversity, violence, people in the government, closeted bigots, fear with hook up’s…. the list goes on. This might sound really weird, but I’ve found that in a lot of queer books lately, when someone comes out to their family, they’re always so loving and supportive. In the perfect world, this would be the case, but it’s not a perfect world. This book even showed what it would be like to come out to you family and have every single one of them take the news differently….. it was refreshing and realistic (though sad – and I wanted to hug him)

One thing that slightly bothered me (yet at the same time I found myself laughing along with) was his sense of urgency when he was speaking with his friends and family. There was one point where he was being chased my unknown men, he managed to find one of his friends, and he lapsed into what seemed like casual conversation about his friends relationship status. This theme continued throughout the book too. But I was reading and thinking “DUDE! You’re on the run, you don’t know who the hell these guys are, they might be trying to kill you, and that’s not the first thing you mention??” If I was him I would be freaking the hell out! But, he seemed so cool and collected about it – almost as if he was waiting for the right time. And I think that his calm nature is what saved him throughout this book but, come on! Now isn’t the time to ask why your friend and his girlfriend are fighting!! Now is the time to run!!!

I will also say that the writing style felt a little different in this one compared to his first book. I actually struggled a tiny bit in the beginning. It felt a little choppy and unrefined. Thankfully I got over that VERY quickly and things evened out.

If you’re looking for a seriously fast paced story filled with action, cults, FBI, politics, cyber terrorism, and SO much more, then you need this in your life! This would be the perfect summer/beach read!

Thank you so much to Hachette Book Group Canada and Jimmy Patterson Publishing for the chance to read this in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own and are uninfluenced.

Until next time, happy reading!

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  1. I’ve been hearing about this book lately and the synopsis sounds so intriguing. If you like YA mystery that will keep you turning the page, I would recommend Monday’s Not Coming. I read it a couple weeks ago and it was amazing!

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    1. I agree with this. Monday’s Not Coming is so good!

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  2. Great review! I loved this book (and Scream All Night).


  3. This book sounds amazing! Great review! I’m adding it to my TBR list pronto!

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