Morning Star

MORNING STAR (Red Rising Saga #3)

Written by Pierce Brown

Published by Del Rey Books, February 9, 2016

My star rating – 5 stars!!!


Darrow would have lived in peace, but his enemies brought him war. The Gold overlords demanded his obedience, hanged his wife, and enslaved his people. But Darrow is determined to fight back. Risking everything to transform himself and breach Gold society, Darrow has battled to survive the cutthroat rivalries that breed Society’s mightiest warriors, climbed the ranks, and waited patiently to unleash the revolution that will tear the hierarchy apart from within.

Finally, the time has come.

But devotion to honor and hunger for vengeance run deep on both sides. Darrow and his comrades-in-arms face powerful enemies without scruple or mercy. Among them are some Darrow once considered friends. To win, Darrow will need to inspire those shackled in darkness to break their chains, unmake the world their cruel masters have built, and claim a destiny too long denied—and too glorious to surrender. Find it on Goodreads

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It’s been many days since I finished this one…. and I haven’t stopped freaking out about it since! Not your typical book hangover though… I’ve been straight up freaking out! Sometimes when you’re reading a series, you envision the way you WANT the story to end, and it rarely comes close. This book gave me everything I ever wanted and so much more – and got me there in the most unexpected of ways. My blood pressure was high and my mind was blown…… DAMN this book was good!!! But since this was a trilogy finale, I can’t say much about the book without spoiling anything, so I want to take this time to talk about the series as a whole, and what brought us to this point. WARNING!!!!!! This will contain spoilers for Red Rising and Golden Son!!! If you haven’t read books 1 and 2, read no further!!!!

In book one we meet Darrow. Darrow the Red, living a life underground, never knowing that there’s an entire world above him, living the good life. Darrow also never knew that there were many different colours and classes of people, all having a place within this society. It wasn’t until the execution of his wife, and a song that inspired an uprising, that this story began. Book one is all about Darrow being made into a weapon; being transformed into a Gold. He trains and competes, he makes friends and enemies, and prepares to make changes from the inside, acting as one of “them”. Book one was so good in building this world, and setting the stage for the people that would take this society down.

Book two – oh Golden Son. So many people swear that book 2 was the best in the series. I remain unconvinced. I felt like in the second book, Darrow got so caught up in being a gold that he forgot who he was. He forgot what he was fighting for. He lost sight of the bigger picture and found himself being wrapped up in petty troubles of a gold. It annoyed the ever loving hell out of me! I missed the little guy taking a chunk out of “the man”. Yes, Golden Son had one of the most frustrating yet amazing endings i’ve ever read…. but it wasn’t enough for me. I was so nervous going into Morning Star.

BUT – almost as soon as I started Morning Star, I knew that it was going to be everything that I hoped for. When this book opens we are introduced to a Darrow who is broken to the core. He’s been stripped bare and reduced to almost nothing, depending on everyone around him to take care of him. He was no longer the golden, fearless, and bullet proof man. He was once again Darrow the red. For some reason it was him being brought back to his humble beginnings that brought me back to the story. He was reminded of what he was fighting for and WHO he was fighting for. And this time, he had the skills and people behind him to make a difference.

This book has so many important things that make it the masterpiece it was. Darrow was forced to trust. He has people from his past of course. But then there’s this whole new group of people that he met when he was a Gold, and he was forced to trust those who were loyal to him and the cause. Trust wasn’t easy. With the insane amount of politics going on in this series, you can never really be sure who’s with you 100%. Families are divided and they’re all “doing what’s right”. The themes of trust, family, and friends in this book……. oh my heart!!!! Might I mention one name? SEVRO! Sevro is now one of my all time favourite characters!

What I loved most about this series is the levels within the society. Gold, pink, obsidian, grey, blue, red…. the list goes on. Each of these factions had their own place within society and played their own role. Ok, fine. I get it. It’s how the world works. But, it was the fact that each of these colours was considered lesser than the next. Their rights and freedoms were stripped and they were forced to do and be things that no one should be forced to do. I always love a story that sees that this treatment is disgusting and they’re fighting for a better life.

But holy hell this book was no good for my anxiety!!! I listened to the audiobook for the most part and I have never been more vocal while listening to a book!!! I was screaming NO! or YES! or OH MY GOD!….. or I was just straight up crying and breathing hard….. this book damn near killed me! Never in my life have I experienced so much anxiety and suspense while reading! I didn’t know what to expect and so much was happening!! If you want a book that will literally have you on the edge of your seat and having a temper tantrum, this is the one!!!

I wish I could say so much more, but I wouldn’t want to spoil a single thing! This is hands down the best concluding novel to a series I’ve EVER read! Yes, I know that there are more books to this series now, and it’s no longer a trilogy. But I haven’t quite decided if I want to continue. I’m happy where things left off. This book was perfection and I’m ok with leaving things at perfection! But maybe I’ll give it a go. Still undecided.

Until next time, happy reading!

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  1. Fantastic review! But if it finished the trilogy that well for you anything further would be a let down.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s kind of what I’m thinking….


  2. Lola says:

    I did not like Golden Son and did not finish the series. Reading your review, maybe I should!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. If you liked Red Rising then you’ll like this one. It feels like it’s back to what Red Rising was all about. I could have done without Golden Son all together. But Morning Star…… it was almost the perfect book! Maybe try the Audiobook?


  3. I love that series, even though sometimes I get a little confused by what’s going on !

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s a lot – seriously. I had to keep pausing to make a mental note of where we were, who was there and what was happening. There’s so much going on! The audiobook helps


  4. J.W. Martin says:

    So satisfying to hear how much you love this book. I’m not sure why, lol, BUT IT IS!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 😂 like you said before, I need to have you pick my TBR 😂


  5. I love all of these books so much, even the new series. Great review, Shanah!

    Liked by 1 person

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