Top 5 Tuesday – August 2019 Topics!

Before I get started on the topics we have coming up for August, I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who participated in July! The themed “alphabet titles” month was a HUGE success! It was a blast getting to talk about so many different books, but it was really amazing seeing all of your lists! Because there was an opportunity to talk about books we don’t normally mention, I feel like I learned a little more about everyone. And there were quite a few new participants as well – welcome!

And now we are on to August……. what’s happening with 2019?! Where did it go! This is the last month of the kids summer vacation and I feel like we haven’t even had the chance to do a lot of things yet! We do have a mini vacation coming up this month (which just so happens to be with fellow book lover AND author of A Thousand Years To Wait!….. but more on this later!) so there will be a week with no topic as I’ll be taking a short hiatus. Because of that, there are only 3 topics this month. I hope you like them!

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August 6th – Top 5 books under 300 pages

August 13th – NO TOPIC – hiatus

August 20 – Top 5 dystopian

August 27th – Top 5 books I don’t talk about enough

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I’ve had these topic sitting on my ideas list for a while now and I’m glad that I’m getting the chance to talk about them! I hope that you like this months topics!

Until next time, happy reading!

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