Weekly Wrap Up – June 17 – 23

I’m back! Well…. sort of. First of all, taking a hiatus this week was the best thing I could have done…. because it was insane! Here’s what I did this week:

  • Finished up a HUGE order that I didn’t think we would have the time to complete.
  • Completely reorganized my living room.
  • Went on a field trip with my daughter to Niagara Falls were we went on a boat tour and actually got close to the falls (I’ve seen the falls more times than I can count but NOTHING let’s you understand the size and power until you take that tour!)
  • Picked up and put together a new desk and cart I ordered from Ikea (BTW – for your own sanity, never decide to put together Ikea furniture past 10pm.)
  • Went fishing with my husband and son and caught my biggest fish to date (a 4+ foot musky) and came home with a smile and a sunburn)
  • After my living room reorganization I put together a box of 20+ books and donated them to the library.

There was so much more that happened this week but this was the basics. It was productive, tiring, fun…. and just what I needed. I’m also feeling MUCH better from the ending of my anxiety meds and I feel like a normal human again! This week is looking just as busy. My baby graduates grade 8 on Tuesday and this is also the last week of school. I have a few posts that I know will be going up, but I hope to take this week slow and not stress myself out too much.


wish you were mine

I was too busy to read a lot this week but I did manage to finish one book and that was Wish You Were Mine by Tara Sivec. This is the same author of the Naughty Princess Club trilogy that I loved so much. Sadly, this one didn’t quite live up to the greatness of that series. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t quite what I was hoping for. I ended up rating it 3 stars. Review to come soon.


I haven’t started these yet but Dev1at3 comes out on June 25th!!!!!!! I’ve been desperate for this sequel for far too long!!! Before it’s delivered though, I hope to do a quick reread of Lifel1k3.



This weeks topic were Top 5 “main males” – an ode to our favourite men in books! And this week is going to be a VERY EXCITING week for Top 5! This weeks topic is Top 5 fantasy, and TOMORROW is the release of the topics for July – and I’m dying to see what you think of it! July is another themed month of sorts. It’s going to give us all a lot of chances to talk about books we don’t mention….. but it’s also going to be a bit of work. I can’t wait for July!!!


If you aren’t following me on Instagram, then you might want to!! I’ll be participating in my first ever Instagram Takeover for the book Dear Wife by Kimberly Belle. My review is also going to be posted this week so stay tuned! Spoiler alert – I liked it more than I thought I would!

Flower divider

To round out this fantastic week, I decided to write this post late Saturday night by the fire in my backyard. I have seen TWO shooting stars! Both of which were tinged with red and they were so bright I thought they couldn’t possibly be shooting stars. That was just the thing that I needed to round out this week and keep the smile on my face! I hope you all had an amazing week and I’m glad to be on my way back to blogging!

Until next time, happy reading!

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  1. Sounds like you had a really fun week. Sometimes we just need that break from blogging


  2. evelynreads1 says:

    Looks like a good week! I’m excited to read lifelike!



  3. OMG it sounds like you had such an amazing week!! 💕


  4. Sounds like a great week! Niagra! I haven’t been there for years, I bet it’s changed so much.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s changed A LOT! Some of the things are still the same, but it was definitely different from when I was younger!

      Liked by 1 person

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