A Thousand Years To Wait


Written by L. Ryan Storms

Published by RaineStorms Press, April 30, 2019

My star rating – 4.5 stars


Prophecies are meant to unfold on their own—they can’t be forced into fruition. Or can they? When a war-torn kingdom is on the cusp of falling to a usurping general, a young healer who doesn’t believe in magic is called upon to help a prophecy transpire. She must embrace the magic…or lose everything.

At eighteen, Moreina di Bianco is a young healer who believes in medicine, not magic, even while possessing a second sight she can’t fully explain. So when the Faranzine Talisman chooses Reina to reawaken an ancient magic and end a war, she must reconcile her beliefs, unlock the talisman’s secrets, and harness the magic within.

Reluctant to accept help, Reina agrees to allow two determined escorts to accompany her on her journey for truth, but each comes with a mysterious past of his own. Her estranged childhood friend, Quinn D’Arturio, left their village years ago and only recently returned, harboring dark secrets behind a solemn exterior. And despite his status as a perfect stranger, a dashing captain by the name of Niles Ingram is quick to fight by Reina’s side at whatever the cost. That someone she’s only just met would give his life for hers is a sobering realization of the ever-present danger Reina has jumped into.

There’s just one problem with Reina’s two companions. They, too, are featured in the talisman’s prophecy – as potential suitors. But what woman wants a suitor, let alone two, when she’s tasked with defeating a usurping general, ending a war, finding the true king, and rightfully seating him on the throne? Find it on Goodreads

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This review is a long time coming! And what a unique and amazing reading experience this was! This actually wasn’t the first time I’ve read this. I read it in the beta stages with the intent to help the author with some feedback. I failed….. miserably. Why? Because I fell in love with the book! I wanted to read it as fast as possible and didn’t stop to take down notes as I was reading! The second time around was much of the same thing. I really enjoyed this story!

What I loved most about Moreina is that she never once lost herself. Often, in fantasy books, where a woman is chosen to have powers, she goes from being a lost little dove to being a strong, fierce, powerful force overnight. It’s not realistic! But Moreina never looses sight of herself. She never waivers in her convictions. Her whole life she’s wanted nothing more than to heal and help others; and she’s damn good at it too! Family, friends, and connections is her life goal. And when she’s presented with a talisman that could make her the focal point of a prophecy she’s like “Uh….. hell no. You’ve got the wrong girl.” But in the end, curiosity gets the best of her, and she realizes that she may have power after all. BUT – she finds a way to use that power and integrate it into what she already knows! The power doesn’t take her over – it becomes another part of her that has to work along with her, instead of taking over her completely. She becomes more evolved, confident, and layered. Is she strong? Hell yes! But she doesn’t change who she is for power or a man…. and that’s why I love her!

Having said that though…. Quinn has my heart! He was such a complex and interesting character! Strong, mysterious, yet passionate and sweet. Almost as soon as I met him, there was something that drew me into him. He was so complex and I knew that there was something else hiding there… I couldn’t wait to uncover his secrets!

What I also loved about this book was how I was always proven wrong. Sounds like a strange thing to be happy about! So many times I thought I had things figured out only to have my assumptions quickly squashed. I also loved that, right from the beginning, the prophecy was a HUGE element to the story all the way through. The prophecy was laid out for you in the beginning, but then referenced many times throughout. Even lines you thought were clear cut and easy had a different outcome. You come to realize that things are far more objective than they seem. And there might also be more than one prophecy…. *cue mysterious music*

The writing was smooth and kept me turning pages. Things did slow down a bit towards the middle, but it seemed that every time things would slow down, it would pick up just before I started to lose my focus. I will say though, that around the middle mark, things slowed down a bit more than I would have liked. I don’t say that in a bad way. It just changed in climate and became a slow burning exploration into the characters and their desires. We were thrown into the story so quickly in the beginning so it was nice to take this time, get to know our characters, learn what they hope to achieve, unravel their secrets, and see how this was all going to go down!

If you enjoy a slow burning fantasy with a great romance, politics, prophesies, and a woman who knows her own mind and isn’t afraid to get the things she wants, then this is the book for you!

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Thank you so much Lorraine for answering some questions! You’re going to want to read her answers…… she dropped the mic on the first question alone!

Question one – What was the inspiration behind A Thousand Years To Wait?

I really enjoy witchy stories and stories of reluctant heroes and heroines. I love strong and stubborn main characters. The idea of a female protagonist who’s independent and doesn’t need a hero to save her has always been intriguing to me. I want to see more of that in Young Adult especially because it’s really important for young women to know just how strong they can be. Disney stories are great, but for so long we’ve taught girls that they *need* a prince or a hero. And they don’t. The need to believe in their own strength and in their own abilities. I would love if my stories helped shape expectations of the future for young women.

Question two – Who was your favourite character to write and why?

Oh, Quinn. Hands down, Quinn D’Arturio. He’s such an enigma and because they story is told from Reina’s point of view, you don’t really know what’s going on in his head and why. (I mean, *I* know because I’m the author… ) I enjoyed keeping people guessing with him. He’s a little but tough, a lot bit stubborn, but beneath it all, he’s a bit of a soft-hearted lug, and that was a lot of fun to bring to life.

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    Sounds like my kind of read!

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