First Impression Friday #23

Thankfully this post will be shorter than the last one as there wasn’t a readathon happening this time! This is a bit of a weird one! Two of my first impressions were TOTALLY WRONG! I think that has a lot to do with my current reading slump struggles. I’ve been having a hard time getting into books but, when they pick up, I end up thinking something completely different.

First Impression Friday is a post that was created by the brilliant Joe from J.W. Martin – Storeys of Stories. Instead of doing this weekly like he does, I decided to do this one biweekly. So every two weeks, I take the books that I’ve finished within that time period, and I compare my first impressions (from the first 1-2 chapters) with my final thoughts and how I rated it. Here are my first impressions of the books I’ve read in the last 2 weeks:

The girl in the tower

MY FIRST IMPRESSIONS – I wasn’t into this book at all in the first chapter or two. The atmosphere was totally different, and I felt like I was missing the things that I fell in love with in the first book. It also was from the perspective of Vasya’s sister and I was afraid that we weren’t going to get Vasya’s perspective. I guessed that I would rate this 3 stars……

HOW I RATED IT – Even though this one had a bit of a slow start, I ended up rating this 4 stars! In fact, I may have liked it even more than the first once it finally got going! I loved the strained relationships with her siblings and how Vasya was finding her place in the world. I also liked that we got more of the Frost King! Click HERE for the full review

Red sister

MY FIRST IMPRESSIONS – So confused! I didn’t know what in the world was happening, who these people were, what they were doing….. I just wasn’t into this AT ALL. I actually ended up switching to the audiobook because if I continued to read the physical book I would have given up. I guessed that I would rate this one 2 stars…..

HOW I RATED IT – Thank god I was so wrong! This was possibly the best written school/training novel I’ve ever read! It focused so much on the school setting, their training, their class mates, and what their future held. I did miss the world building though and had some conflicting thoughts on a few things. I ended up rating it 4 stars. Click HERE for my conflicting thoughts lol

Wicked saints

MY FIRST IMPRESSIONS – Wow! This was one hell of an explosive way to open a book! It was probably one of the most action packed first chapters i’ve read in a long time. No time wasted with introductions – it just jumped into magical abilities, friendships, alliances, and bloody fighting. Even though I really didn’t have a clue what was going on, I still couldn’t wait to read more! I guessed that I would rate this 5 stars…..

HOW I RATED IT – Well, in the case of this book, I was right! The first chapter was one of the most explosive and fast paced introductions I’ve ever read. I was worried that it would slow to a standstill, or I would end up confused at some point, but that never happened! The pace kept the whole way through and I loved every minute of it! It was a definite 5 stars! My review will be posted towards the end of the month on my blog tour date 🙂

Flower divider

Wicked Saints may have actually broken my reading slump! I really hope that it did anyways! I have a giant stack of 9 other ARC’s that I want to read but they don’t publish for a few months….. I want to read them now! I hope that I don’t get pushed into a slump because I want to read those but I’m going to force myself to wait. Cross your fingers that the slump is gone!

Until next time, happy reading!

4 Comments Add yours

  1. I’m glad you enjoyed Wicked Saints so much. It’s definitely one of my top most anticipated reads for this year!


  2. Beware Of The Reader says:

    I am so happy that you loved Wicked Saints! I loved it too Shanah!


  3. evelynreads1 says:

    The wicked saint sounds so good!



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