24 Hour Readathon!!

I honestly can’t remember the last time I had an entire day to myself at home. In fact, I don’t think that it’s EVER happened! Somehow, all the stars aligned, and I will have the house ALL TO MYSELF TOMORROW!! My daughter is away at a sleepover, and my husband and son will be travelling to Toronto for a fishing show. They’re leaving at 8am and coming home very late at night. So, what does a bookworm immediately think of???


You bet your ass that I’m going to take advantage of a quiet house! No one yelling “mom” every 30 seconds, or asking me to make them food. I plan on making nothing more complicated than a sandwich for lunch, getting myself some Chinese take out for supper, drinking an obscene amount of coffee, and cuddling on the couch with my blanket and my dog! Basically – Saturday will be pure bliss!

The last time I did a 24 hour readathon was back in June after a small surgery. I ended up reading 4 books and a total of 1,068 pages (find the wrap up here). I’m in a bit of a weird reading mood so I have no clue what I’m going to pick up. Here are my options:



The first thing that I’ll be doing is finishing Stillhouse Lake by Rachel Caine. I started this one a couple days ago and I’m almost done! It’s a little hit and miss for me. It’s a little bit repetitive, the main character is understandable yet she annoys me, a plot twist completely caught me off guard, but I think I figured out the main plot twist as soon as I met the person lol. But since I’m in the mood for mystery/thriller, I decided to pick up No Exit by Taylor Adams. This book sounds SO GOOD! I can’t wait to dive in! A woman is stranded at a rest stop as a blizzard blows in and she’s alone with 4 strangers. She goes out to the parking lot to call her parents and finds a little girl locked in an animal crate in the back of a van. One of these strangers is the kidnapper…… insert ominous music here!



And here’s where I am undecided! After all that mystery, I might need something a little upbeat and light hearted. That’s where Crazy Rich Asians might come in. I’ve heard it’s quite funny and completely outlandish – sounds great lol! I also want to read it so that I can watch the movie. But then there’s fantasy or sci-fi. I thought that I was out of my slump for those two genres but I feel it creeping back in. I might want to pick one up to crawl out of that slump. Children of Time is one that comes highly recommended by almost everyone that’s read it! It’s apparently fast paced and insane. And then there’s Red Sister, which is about assassins in a school setting…… gives me Nevernight vibes! I think that might be a strong contender!

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Those are my Saturday plans! I hope to stay away from my phone and see how much I can really accomplish! I’ll let you all know how it went on Sunday with my weekly wrap up! Hope you get lots of reading time on Saturday as well!

Until next time, happy reading!

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  1. Priyasha says:

    I hope you have a great time reading ❤

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  2. That sounds…so wonderful. Enjoy it!

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  3. evelynreads1 says:

    I hope you will be able to read all the things!
    I really want to read children of time, I feel like thst is a really good book!


    Liked by 1 person

    1. I tried to read Children of Time actually…. I didn’t get past the first chapter. I don’t know why but it didn’t call out to me. I just think I wasn’t in the mood for it yet. I’ll try again!

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  4. Lucky you! I would love a day like that. Enjoy!

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  5. Good luck with your readathon!!

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  6. Hope you had fun during your readathon!

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  7. shortgirl says:

    What a great idea–I am definitely going to have to give a readathon a try 🙂

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