February 2019 TBR

I think that this will be the month of sequels, finishing series, and ARC’s! I have BIG plans (this is actually a pun, but you won’t know why until next month!) for my March TBR, so this month i’ll be tying up loose ends so to speak. February is a bit of a difficult month and I’m really busy, so I’m not sure I can get to all of these, but I’m sure going to try! Let’s look at the books I want to read this month:

The first two books I want to read this month are the third book to two different trilogies. Strangely enough, these trilogies then continued on past these books, so I’m not technically finishing anything off with these lol! The Hero of Ages by Brandon Sanderson is a book that I’ve been dying to read for months! I heard that it offers answers to questions and I am SO ready for it! I’m actually about 100 pages in so far, and it’s only making me more excited. Morning star by Pierce Brown is book 3 to the Red Rising series. I feel like it’s been way too long since I read book 2, and I feel a bit disconnected to this one. I’m hoping that I’m pulled back in quickly.

Archenemies by Marissa Meyer is a book that I’ve been wanting to get to ever since it came out but I keep getting sidetracked. The first book in the series, Renegades, was so different from your typical super hero’s. Their powers were so unique, their abilities were incredible, and there was so much grey area between good and bad – it was so good! Can’t wait for this one! Then there’s The Tattooist of Auschwitz by Heather Morris. This book is being talked about EVERYWHERE! I don’t think I’ve heard a single negative word about it, and I’ve been craving emotions, and hard hitting stories. So this one is perfect!

The last two books on my TBR are ARC’s that I’m trying to get ahead on. When the Sky Fell on Splendour by Emily Henry comes out on March 12th. A small town is overwhelmed with tragedy when a steel mill explodes. Many are killed, many are injured, and everyone is affected in one way or another. To cope, a group of 6 friends come together to make YouTube videos about local stories and ghostly encounters. One evening, while filming, a bright light hurdles from the sky and crashes to the ground, then everything changes…. Sounds SO good, right?? Then there’s The Binding by Bridget Collins which comes out on April 16th. A young boy is called to apprentice to be a book binder. Held within each book is a memory, and they’re stored and locked away in a vault. But when he discovers a book with his name on it, all of the things he thought he knew is no longer stable. Another one that sounds absolutely AMAZING!!!

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Those are the 6 books that I hope to get to this month. Like I said, this month is crazy busy, so I’m not sure that I’ll get to all of these. However, if I don’t, it might throw off my big TBR plans for March….. I might be putting a little pressure on myself this month!

What do you plan on reading in February??

Until next time, happy reading!



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  1. Ohhh looking forward to your thoughts on The Tattooist of Auschwitz. Emotional one for sure!

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  2. Emily says:

    I really enjoyed reading Morning Star, so I hope you enjoy it! I’m pretty sure you’ll remember the events of the second book as you start reading it.

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  3. shortgirl says:

    When the Sky Fell on Splendour sounds so interesting! I hope it lives up to expectations 🙂

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  4. I can’t wait to see your thoughts on Morning Star!!! I hope you enjoy it!

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  5. Good luck with Hero of Ages! I’ll be so curious to discuss when you’re done. 🙂 Renegades is on my list to tackle eventually.

    I’ve had a difficult relationship with the Red Rising series, I weirdly find them both compelling and a turn off at the same time. There’s a lot of great action and tension, but I think I bounce a bit off how brutally the women are treated. I’ve read the first two and I don’t quite know if I want to go back.

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    1. The Red Rising series is weird for me as well. When I’m done reading I like it. But I’m oddly not excited to read the next one 😂. It really is annoying how the women were treated. I get it. It’s a society where men are considered stronger and higher ranked. But yet they still allowed women to be their equals, and train and fight. If they were meant to be oppressed then why are they allowed to fight in the first place? It’s really weird!

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  6. cafereading says:

    Ahh so many good books. Yeah, Hero of Ages does wrap everything up very nicely but I’ve yet to read any of the others!!

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  7. J.W. Martin says:

    Holy crap! There’s a book on your TBR that I’ve already read? This is unprecedented!

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    1. 😂 too funny!! Which one?

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  8. The Binding is on my unofficial February TBR as well, the description is gorgeous (as is that cover) so I’m really hoping it comes through.

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    1. I’m a little nervous about it. It has potential to be amazing! But if it’s not written well then it could be a flop. I haven’t read any reviews because I don’t want my thoughts to be influenced in any way

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      1. I’m the same. I know nothing about it from a reviewers perspective and don’t want to know until I’ve read it. I have a self-policy which is if I know I’m going to read a book I don’t read any reviews until I’m done reading! I don’t want to be swayed.

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  9. priya says:

    When The Sky Fell On Splendor sounds so good!! I love that plot, sounds super interesting, and coincidentally, I actually purchased The Binding yesterday. Partially because of the beautiful cover of course! Keen to hear your thoughts on it because I’m sure you’ll get through it before I even start haha x

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  10. I may read Tatooist of Auschwitz next too.

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  11. evelynreads1 says:

    I really hope you will love the hero of ages! I want to read king of scars as soon as it comes in!


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    1. Enjoy King of Scars! I haven’t decided if I’m going to pick it up yet….. I probably will though lol

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  12. Laura @ Reading and Mumming says:

    I really enjoyed the tattooist of auschwitz, looking forward to hearing your thoughts on it!

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