I do this post every year – a bucket list for the year if you will. There’s always a list a mile long of books we want to read, but some are priority. And these 5 books are ones that I NEED to read this year! I might not get to them ASAP for one reason or another, but it will definitely happen before the year is over. These are the books on my 2019 bucket list:

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The way of kings

THE WAY OF KINGS by Brandon Sanderson

This is a book that I hauled only a few weeks ago, but it’s one that I vow to get to in 2019. The problem is this – it’s HUGE! And it’s also the start of a new Brandon Sanderson series. I still have the final book in the Mistborn trilogy to get to before I’ll allow myself to pick this one up.

A Little Life

A LITTLE LIFE by Hanya Yanagihara

This is one that I want to read SOOOO badly but it’s one that also scares me. I’ve heard that it’s quite in depth and emotional (which are 2 reasons why I can’t wait to get to it!) but I feel like I need to be in the right mood for it. I hope it’s soon!

The lies of Locke Lamora


I know Robin, I know! LOL! This NEEDS to happen this year – and soon! This is a book that I bought for myself last Christmas and it still sits unread. I swore all year long that I would “get to it next month”…….. next month never came. Here we are in a new year and I need to stop making excuses!

The Unseen World


If I was to put priority on just one book that needs to be read this year – this is it. This book has sat on my shelf for the longest time! I’ve put it on my immediate TBR so many times. In fact, this book hasn’t moved off my TBR shelf for probably a solid 6 months! This is highest priority…… which means I’ll probably read it last LOL!


THE BLACK PRISM by Brent Weeks

Another fantasy series that I need to get to! I’ve found I have an issue with fantasy series. If I have more than one going at a time, I refuse to start another fantasy series. At the present moment I have 3 adult fantasy series going on…… so I just can’t bring myself to start another! Especially when the books in this series are as big as bricks! I’m pretty sure that they’re all over 800 pages each. It’s scary!! But I still want to get to this!

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So those are the books that I want more than anything to show up on my read in 2019 list! These are all books that are intimidating yet they’re up high on my priority list. What books do you NEED to read in 2019?

Until next time, happy reading!