It’s official – we’re coming into the home stretch of 2018! Where did this year go? Seriously! This year flew by faster than any year. My parents always told me that the older you get, the faster time flies. I used to laugh at that and thought they were crazy. Well, they were right…… don’t tell them I said so! This was a really weird week. After my short hiatus last week, I was feeling a little more recharged. I read, I blogged, but that’s as far as I got. I’m still slumping HARD on all social media and I hate it. I just don’t have the drive to post or even check notifications. I also haven’t had any time at all to check blog comments – I APOLOGIZE! This week we had to switch all of our store stock over to the new season on top of prepping and shipping orders placed for black Friday. I’ve felt productive as hell, but work is all I’ve had time or energy for. Next week is looking a little slower (I hope) so I hope things can get back to normal. Enough of my talking, let’s look at how my reading went this week:



HEXED by Kevin Hearne <—– click for full review

I finished one book this week and it was fantastic! This is the second book to the Iron Druid chronicles and I can’t explain in words how much I LOVE this series!! It has gods, vampires, werewolves, witches, mythical creatures, and a talking dog. This book is just amazing!


The Female of the species

I’ve had so many people recommend this book to me over the last few months and I finally took the chance on it! I’m almost done and I have so many more thoughts on it than I ever expected! This book is making me think – and HARD – about so many different things. I can’t wait to finish it!!! I’m very close so I may finish it tonight or tomorrow 🙂



The final top 5 Tuesday topics for the year are out! If you’re interested in participating in the final month of 2018, here are the topics for December. As always, I take some time off around Christmas to be with my family, so the month is cut a little short. I’m also making a lot of preparations for the blog in 2019, and it’s far more involved and time consuming than I expected, so the time away is much needed. More info on that in the next section!


Change is a scary word for me! I’m not making massive changes (let’s be honest, my anxiety can’t handle that!), but it’s enough to be really time consuming. I’m planning on doing some refreshing of the blog next year. I’m working on some new graphics for reoccurring posts, and making a more cohesive colour scheme. I’ve also got quite a few new post ideas that will be parts of a longer series. Because some of these posts come out in multiple stages, it’s taking a lot of planning to get it all in order. They are also the types of posts that get a lot of comments and I want to be in a stable position where I can respond in a timely manner. Most of these ideas won’t happen until February or later, but it takes time to plan it all out. Also, my end of the year wrap up is quite involved. If you saw the 2017 year in books wrap up at the beginning of this year, I take everything I read and separate it into different categories. It makes a MESS out of my shelves, but it’s worth it to see what you were reading that year. I can’t wait to lay it all out for this year!


The next round of the readathon is coming soon! If you’re not aware, this readathon is hosted by myself and fellow blogger Justine from I Should Read That, and it’s a quarterly readathon where, for 3 days, we step away from all distractions (ahem, I’m looking at you social media!!) and read as much as possible. For more detailed information you can find the announcement post HERE. The next readathon begins at 12:00am Friday January 11th!

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That was my crazy week and I really hope that I will be more present and available in the following week. Work at this time of the year takes over everything! I’m ready to sink back into reading and blogging! I hope you all had a fantastic week!!!

Until next time, happy reading!