Happy Top 5 Tuesday everyone! Or maybe not…… after all, we’re here to talk about books that drained our emotions! There are many ways this could be taken. Rollercoaster books that brought our emotions along for the ride, with severe highs and lows. But today, I choose to talk about the books that left me an absolute sobbing mess, and my emotions still feel the impact. I’ve decided to do something a little different today too! I’m going with a countdown, starting with the books that were powerful, but ending with the book that damn near killed me. Here we go!

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#5 – They Both Die At The End

They Both Die At The End

Even though the titles spells it all out for you, I wasn’t prepared for this! I knew what was coming and I felt a little stupid that I couldn’t hold back the tears. I guess that I went through the whole thing holding out hope that it would end differently. It didn’t, and I was broken!

#4 – The Book Thief

The book thief

I feel a little bad that this one only makes it to number 4 on my list. But, for the most part, I wasn’t a mess until the end. There were many times throughout that I was smiling, laughing, fearful, heart warmed, and sad. The father in this book was everything!!! The ending broke me into pieces and I haven’t stopped thinking about this since I read it a few years ago. I REALLY need to reread this one!

#3 – The Heart’s Invisible Furies

The hearts invisible furies

I read this giant book in the span of 24 hours because I just couldn’t put it down!! I was so immersed in this mans life and how the events all came together. There were a lot of hard times in this poor mans life and what he made of it was truly something beautiful. There were a lot of mistakes, but no one is perfect. He did the best he could with what he had and he was loved. I cried quite a few times throughout this one and it will make my top 10 list for this year for sure!

#2 – Between Shades of Grey


I don’t even think that I made it through 20 pages of this book without bawling uncontrollably. This book was such a difficult read! But I don’t think that this list would be complete without a World War Two historical fiction. What happened in this book was gut wrenching. And what made it worse is knowing that this kind of thing actually happened. It’s unimaginable! I can’t even fathom the atrocities of this time period, and getting a detailed account of what this girls life looked like was enough to keep me crying through the whole thing!

#1 – A Monster Calls

A monster calls

This book was a case of right book, right time (or wrong book, wrong time, depending on how we look at this!). I cried for hours after the end of this book. I was going through something similar to this situation and it hit me too close to home. I cried so hard I couldn’t breathe and it honestly took days to recover. It’s one of my all time favourite books but I doubt that I’ll ever reread it because of the powerful emotions I felt. The ghost of this book is enough to last me a lifetime!

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Those are the top 5 books that drained my emotions and left me as a shell of a bookworm. Have you read any of these? Did they drain you as well?

Until next time, happy reading!