Have you ever read a book and felt like world was just made for you? Or you envision yourself living in the world for one reason or another? OR – maybe even a world that just sounded so amazing that you built it up in your mind and can’t stop thinking about it? Well, it’s time to talk about those! I could have made this list a mile long. Let’s be real – there are some seriously amazing authors out there that have built some worlds I would give my left arm to live in! But for the sake of this meme, I’ll only be talking about 5 🙂

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I’m mentioning this series/world for a very specific reason. And no I’m not talking about Rhys and his crew (though, I will admit, that the thought of being surrounded by big, strong, Fae males is definitely a plus!!), I’m talking about the seasons. I LOVE the idea of there being different seasons that are a constant. Fall is my favourite, so the premise of living in a world where the trees are always a vibrant orange, yellow, and red, the smells, the air, and everything else I love about fall, is such a comforting thought. To live in the same season year round is so enticing! And you could travel to the other seasons if you wanted to, but stay only as long as you were willing. When the sun of summer got too hot, you could go right back to fall, spring or winter.

HP and the philosophers stone

Do I really need to explain why I want to live in this world??? I think not! I WANT TO BE A WITCH! I want to cast spells, go to Hogwarts, visit Diagon Alley, drink Butterbeer, eat Pumpkin Pasties, be a Weasley, and do all things! I would give anything to be a part of this world, even just for a day!!


Hello….. space travel? You rang? HELL YES!!! For anyone who reads a bit of science fiction, I think we all imagine the chance at getting to travel to different planets. But, for a lot of you sci-fi readers out there, most of those worlds aren’t all that accommodating! Most are usually dangerous, dirty and scary, so there’s quite a few place I’m glad I’ll never see in real life. But some of the places mentioned in this series were just so beautiful and peaceful! Space travel is a must on my bookish world wish list!


The setting of the book itself isn’t that spectacular. It’s set in the real world many years back in history. But – the Night Circus itself – now THAT’S what I want to be a part of! I would LOVE to be a part of this traveling circus! It only opens at night, and begins with a clock at the front gate that transforms and sets the whole magical setting. I could imagine the tents, the twinkling lights, the displays, the food, the smells – it’s pure magic! I don’t like circus’s at all in real life, but this one I would follow anywhere!


Renee Ahdieh’s writing was so detailed and gorgeous I couldn’t help but be obsessed and amazed with this setting. The setting of the royal palace was probably my favourite but everything else sounded equally enticing. The desert sands, the royal palace, the ocean escape – it seemed to have just about everything! Strangely enough, the way she described the foods, I honestly think I want to go there just to eat! Is that just me?? lol And now I want to reread this series!

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Those are the top 5 worlds I would LOVE to live in. Even if it was just a small amount of time. Like I said already, there are so many amazing worlds out there that were created by amazing authors, so this list could have been much longer. What worlds would you like to live in?

Until next time, happy reading!