First Impression Friday #14

Seriously, it feels like I just wrote this post! Sometimes these bi-weekly Friday’s have a way of creeping up on me. My personal life has been very busy, setting up an all new readathon, and some insane anxiety has really gotten my head in different directions. In the last 2 weeks I’ve finished a LOT of books! But a few I actually started years ago (so I don’t remember by first impressions) and there was also a reread in there. But I do have 3 new books to talk about, so here it goes! ** be warned – there’s a book where I go off on a mini rant and swear a lot****


MY FIRST IMPRESSIONS – I was so conflicted! I knew from the writing style that I was going to love it, but it wasn’t going to be one of those books that pulled me in immediately. So in that first chapter I was confused as hell. Things were happening for sure, and there was intrigue there, but not a lot to go on. Based on that I guessed that I would rate this 3.5 stars…..

HOW I RATED IT – SO WRONG! lol. This was absolutely a 5 star read! Just like I thought, this was a book that took a while to hook you on the characters, understand the plot and its size, and learn one of the most impressive magic systems I’ve read. I would have given this 500 stars if I could! Click here for my full review

Scream all night

MY FIRST IMPRESSIONS – Honestly, my first thought of this was “well this is going to be weird – and I think I’m going to like it!” It gave me vibes of a Grady Hendrix book mixed with Rocky Horror Picture Show, and maybe a bit of Night Film by Marisha Pessl. I guessed that I would rate this 4 stars…..

HOW I RATED IT – 4 stars it was! This was definitely a weird book. The title alludes to something super scary and horror related but it’s not. In fact, I felt that this book was a little bit mixed with the horror geek culture mixed with a real life (and a little less alien) version of Rocky Horror, mixed in with some serious emotional pain and healing that comes with family and abuse. This was a weirdly balanced, emotional, impactful, yet really fun and entertaining read! Click here for my full review


MY FIRST IMPRESSIONS – I kept hoping that the last few books I’ve picked up would be a really good horror. Something to scare the crap out of me and make me grip the pages just a little bit tighter. But they weren’t quite there. This one though, I had a feeling that this was going to hit that mark and I couldn’t wait!! I guess that I would rate this 4.5 stars…..

HOW I RATED IT – ……. what did I just read?! This book went into a totally different direction that I NEVER could have expected. It was the gore, creep factor that I wanted, but in a way that made me wonder (excuse the language) what the living fuck is going on??? None of this makes sense! They went from being scared victims to cutting their own body parts off…….. who the fuck does that? It got weird….. and I realize that that was the point, but damn! They would go around picking up “peaches” which were actually lightbulbs, and talk about who wants to cut his penis off. But no one wanted to do it because then he would be more of a victim than a person with a few missing fingers…… thought processes like that were where I drew the line. It was just too weird for me to enjoy so I ended up rating it 2 stars. Sadness.

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So there are three new books that I’ve read over the last two weeks and what I ended up thinking of them. Some you can tell right away while others it’s going to take a while. I would say that all three took a while to setting in and can’t really be defined by their first 1-2 chapters.

Until next time, happy reading!


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    I always love reading these posts!

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