Just after midnight, the first ever “Off The Grid” readathon began!!! How exciting! I was sleeping of course – I’m not that hard core lol! But, from this point forward, I am officially setting my phone aside and not going to check my phone unless it’s texts or phone calls (which I rarely get anyways lol). Which means no Twitter, no Instagram, no blog – nothing! Just a few days focusing on reading!

Now – if you haven’t heard, the “Off The Grid” readathon is new. It’s hosted by myself and my lovely bookish twin Justin from ishouldreadthat.com. Setting up this readathon was a little difficult. It’s not your typical readathon! Most of them have reading sprints, twitter chats, challenges, and so much more. But with this one, the whole point is to stay away from all those distractions. One minute you’re on twitter to check a challenge and then an hour later you’re still on Twitter laughing at funny cat videos and getting caught up in the latest bookish drama.

For my announcement post and details click HERE. But to sum it up, the readathon started at 12am early this morning, and will continue until 11:59pm Sunday night. I also recently posted my TBR so click HERE if you want to see what I will be reading!! Also, follow us on Twitter @OffTheGridReads for all of our posts and info!

So, if you don’t hear from me for the next 3 days, don’t be surprised! I’m reading! I do have my weekly wrap up scheduled for Sunday, but I won’t be responding to comments. If you’re participating – please let me know! What’s on your TBR?

Until next time (aka when the readathon ends) happy reading!