Weekly Wrap Up – October 1 – 7

This was one of those roller coaster weeks again! A lot of things happening in my personal life, both good and bad. The bad has been my anxiety. Still not as bad as it was the week before (thank goodness for that! I couldn’t handle the 5-10 full body panic attacks anymore). I’ve got a health issues that i’ve been told is probably nothing but it’s still making me on edge. It’s being looked after, and I will hear back in about a week or two. But – there have been far more GOOD things! A lot of time spent with my kids and husband this week which was amazing! Lots of house cleaning, and prepping for Canadian Thanksgiving, baking, and apple picking. Speaking of Thanksgiving, I won’t be around for the next couple days as we have two days of family dinners planned 🙂 As far as books go, here’s what’s happening with that:


House of leaves

It took me 3 years to finish HOUSE OF LEAVES by Mark Z. Danielewski…… and I wish I didn’t persevere…… because I didn’t like this book AT ALL! This book just went right over my head. It was just so freaking confusing! There was a great story of a house that was bigger on the inside than it was the outside, but then there was this side story of this crazy guy that found this trunk, and footnotes, and diagrams, and so much more – it was just too much. The footnotes were useless and took away from the story. If the book was just about the house then it would have been great! Just a simple novel would have scared the crap out of me! Those parts were so interesting and creepy! But the format didn’t work out and I ended up skimming most of the end. I won’t be doing a review because I don’t have anything else to say about it. lol



GAH! I’m so close to finishing this one! I hope to finish it tonight or tomorrow. It’s just so good! A slow burning fantasy that has the best magic system I’ve ever read! I’ve been taking a ton of notes and actually documenting the magic, characters, quotes, and world with different coloured post it notes. It’s really been helping me keep it all straight and remember more. Need to know how this ends ASAP!!! Not sure what I’ll pick up after this though….. The Off The Grid Readathon is happening on Friday and I need to consider what will be on my TBR 🙂



This weeks top 5 Tuesday was all about the Top 5 tropes you wanted more of! Part two of this will be this Tuesday where we talk about the top 5 tropes you want less of. This week there were so many things that I love in books that I never thought to add! Every list contained something that I wanted to smack my forehead in disbelief that I didn’t think of it myself! Next week may be full of unpopular opinions which I am all over like a dirty shirt!


If you’re looking for some reading motivation this weekend – join us for the first ever Off The Grid Readathon! Hosted by myself and fellow blogger/YouTuber Justine at I Should Read That. If you want the details, catch them either in my announcement post or Justine’s announcement video on her YouTube channel. The readathon begins at 12:00am on Friday morning and ends at 11:59pm Sunday night. That will give you 3 full reading days to attempt to stay away from your phone and the black hole of social media and focus on your reading! We want to do a chat on Sunday over on Twitter to talk about our progress, but I forgot that I will be travelling home from Toronto for my brother in law’s engagement party, so I don’t think it will happen. Follow us on twitter for more up to date info!

Flower divider

That pretty much sums it up! Not a lot happening with books this week. Just focusing on Mistborn which takes more time and brain power than I first anticipated. Not that it’s a bad thing! I just can’t wait for the readathon where maybe I can knock out 2-3 books in one weekend? Here’s hoping! Hope you all had a fantastic week!

Until next time, happy reading!

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  1. wow, I don’t think that i can read House of Leaves even though I’ve been hearing good things about it

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  2. Oooh I hope you enjoy finishing mistborn!! Are you planning on picking up the rest of the series next?

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    1. Oh I’ll be picking up the next book soon I hope! Less than 100 pages and I’m done. There’s quite a few jaw dropping moments starting!


  3. Alexandra says:

    Hey Shanah, hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Enjoy the pie. 🎉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! I’m so full…… I shouldn’t have eaten the pie so close to dinner 😂

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      1. Alexandra says:

        Ha! Ha! Pie will do that to you. We skipped dessert here, we ate too much!

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  4. Penny Wright says:

    Congratulations on finishing House of Leaves. I’m still slogging through it, but I’m determined to finish it at some point. I’m hoping the time I’m putting in pays off. I’m trying to look at it as more of an art project than a book.

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    1. It is a protect. It took me 3 years to finally finish it! I think that it’s best consumed in small amounts and over a long period of time. I rushed through it in the end and I think that was a bad decision on my part

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