What is a trope when it comes to books? Well, it’s basically a reoccurring theme, plot, cliche, or element used in books. For example – the chosen one trope. We’ve seen it a million times (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing!), and is one of the most widely used in books. There are some that we see too often (see top 5 next week for this one) and there are some that I want to see more. Here are 5 of the tropes I would love to have more of!

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Why?? Why are there not that many supportive parents?? I realize that I read a lot of young adult, and relationships between teenagers and parents are strained. When I was a teenager, my relationship with my parents wasn’t the best. It sure is now! But, regardless of the strain, they were always there for me. And I LOVE books with parents (either one or both) are there for support, advice and so much more. The Hate You Give by Angie Thomas had two of the greatest parents in books I’ve ever read and I want to see more of that!!


OMG I am an absolute sucker for books where there is a test or a challenge!!! I love the mystery, the puzzle, the sense of urgency, the brainstorming, the danger of failure, the pressure, the teamwork, the questionable trust, the fast pace, the determination to win….. ALL OF IT! A new book set to be released in November is called Empress of All Seasons by Emiko Jean, where the main character has to survive and conquer four enchanted seasonal rooms…… yes please! And then there was Caraval where she had to play the game to find her sister. I love all of it!


Call me basic, but I love me a good assassin story! There’s usually a revenge plot that it follows. Some assassinations are just “jobs” while some are more personal. There’s always a bad ass character and a character that knows their way around weapons. And there’s usually some grey area’s where you question whether a person should live or die, or if they were even involved in the first place. There’s also a character that’s pulling strings in the background that you never knew of and is revealed. Ahem, Nevernight.


Whenever there are con artist tropes, I’m all in! These tropes always come along with political intrigue and planning. You may think you know the whole plan, but there are plans B,C,D and Z that come into play when things go awry. I love being caught off guard by the small things that were in place the whole time but you never knew. These stories always seem to have surprises hiding around every corner and very questionable yet lovable characters….. hello Six of Crows, I’m talking about you!


It seems as though every time a boy and girl character are in the same book, they fall in love. I get it. But it doesn’t have to be that way! A guy and girl can be friends! Some of those friendships are often the best! I would say that I personally have more male friends than I do female, and none of those have been romantic. So please characters, keep your emotions in check and just be friends once in a while!

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There are the 5 things that I want more in books! Some are basic, but it’s still what I live for! LOL! What would you like to see more in books?

Until next time, happy reading!